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    Default Perfume settling/Carrier choice

    Can anyone tell me approximately how long it will take the average oil blend to fully settle/harmonize - to the point where the fragrance will no longer 'evolve' in time?

    Also, does this vary based on the carrier choice? I'm planning to use pure alcohol as I want some 'lift' to the fragrance. I find oils stay too close to the skin. All the same, I'm curious about information regarding both alcohol and the various oils as I may end up changing my mind or offering both as an option in the future.

    My plan - which I'm going to elaborate on in another thread - is to buy many tiny vials and create many many variations on an idea and have them diluted to about 10% perfume oil/90% alcohol, and then let them sit and test them. I'm just wondering how long I'll need to let them sit before I can accurately test them, as this information will affect how many vials I want (the longer I have to wait to test, the more vials I'll buy so I can have more variations going at once


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    Default Re: Perfume settling/Carrier choice

    It varies. Some things seem to mature - for the most part - all they're going to in a few days to week. Others, especially those heavily weighted toward naturals, I find are still evolving a year after they're blended; and then that arc continues, in some cases, into their decline. Oakmoss in particular will continue to get smoother over a long period of time, while some harmonies that seem very nice at first will quickly fall apart upon maturing.

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    Default Re: Perfume settling/Carrier choice

    So I'm assuming that the evolution of an oil mix is much more a property of the oils involved and that the carrier choice is going to have a relatively negligible impact on that?

    If that's the case, then I suppose pre-diluting things won't change the evolution time significantly, since the evolution will be just beginning as the diluted oils are mixed.

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