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    Default The thing about decants is...

    Thanks to basenotes and MUA, I've been involved in the exchange of hundreds of decants/samples (it is because of these two communities that I've experienced some of the best scents available or even no longer available - thank you everyone). I've noticed that in the end, the scents don't have the lasting quality as they do in their original bottles. Decants slowly evaporate and lose their luster over time (the decay curve is way steeper downwards as it is in comparison to the curve of a scent in its original container).

    Well, the observations are expected I guess and it's not surprise to me since the scent gets exposed to air during the decanting process (I would assuming pipetting would yield better results if done the right way?). Perhaps it's also that the entire decant atomizer device allows for better penetration of air. I've "lost" a dozen of decants over time despite storing them properly. Atomizers loosen and spill the juice out, which I hate, so I think I'm going to tape up my personal decants of rarer scents. What's also interesting is that some excellent traders use teflon and sealants to put the decants in place and that seems to help.

    In the end, the loss and well eventual change of scent is not a big deal to cry about. But I'd like to hear your thoughts on decants.

    PS. Maybe I've turned into a snob or something, but I prefer glass atomizers over plastic ones.
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    Default Re: The thing about decants is...

    My problem with decants is that I don't get the aestethic pleasure from using them.

    And also, if I keep them for a long time, I beging to sense like they smell different and it's hard to tell if that's true. Especially when the scent is rare and not easily available in a store.

    On the other hand, it's cheap and accessible way to try and own many scents.

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    Default Re: The thing about decants is...

    I can only think of a few scents that evaporated or 'turned' in a decant. Most of my decants smell the same in the decant as they do in the original bottle.

    I love decants. However, as has already been said, nothing beats a full days wearing from a full bottle.

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    Default Re: The thing about decants is...

    Personally, I love decants. I've got a ton of them, and get good use out of them. I have no aesthetic attachment to owning a bottle, and very real attachment to my hard earned cash. About them going bad, I've had many decants for years and have never had one go sideways on me - not that I'm doubting your experience. I imagine that they sometimes do go bad, but I bet that its at the same rate as any other bottle if decanted and stored correctly.

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