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    Default Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    Considered adding this to my cedar and incense fragrances when it launched and saw the post that it's now showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Read another post that mentions Tumulte being similar to Visit. Well I already have Visit, GPH, Rush and Trend with my favorite being Rush. If it similar to Visit I would pass on it because with each wearing of Rush my taste for Visit diminishes. Rush is so smooth and long lasting yet never distracting. Thanks for the opinions and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I think I compared it Tumulte to Visit. Tumulte I find to have more of spice flavor to it where Visit is spicy but much drier in its wood notes.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    It's really similar to Visit indeed.
    Somewhat better made, but too similar to justify the additional expense, IMHO.
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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I have Tumulte as well as Visit, Gucci PH, & Gucci Rush (think I acquired all of them at Marshalls or TJ Maxx over the years). Tumulte is closer to Rush than Visit. Visit has the pink peppercorn & nutmeg notes that liven it up whereas Tumulte is more incensey and cedarey. Still worth having at bottom of the barrel prices. Bottle is very nice though it seems inappropriate for the juice inside.
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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    Similar, perhaps, but doesn't negate having TPH in your wardrobe. It's a magnificent scent.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    Not the same, TPH is 93% pure cedar. with the remainder being notes of Juniper/Wood Tar and a little bit of incense. Basicly a 100% wood fragrance, and thus unique.

    At $15 for 50ml, it's worth it.

    I agree with manicboy, the bottle implies it would be a very romantic fragrance.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I wore Tumulte PH the last several days and have really enjoyed it in the cooler weather.

    I agree that it is closer to Gucci Rush than Visit (I own Rush, Gucci PH, Visit, Tumulte & CdG Kyoto)
    I enjoyed Visit when I first purchased it but the nutmeg is just too prominent for me. At $12.99 for a 50ml (which is what I paid at TJ Maxx) it's worth having just for the nice looking bottle alone. If you like woody cedar scents it's a worthwhile addition.

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    Thumbs down Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I can't stand either, and they are both very very very similar.
    But if I had to pick one: Tumulte

    Visit has a very bad base that has an olfactory texture of hot motor oil.
    Tumulte is essentially the same Cedar and Nutmeg blast, with less of this disgusting motor oil.
    Tumulte also has a bit of lemon.

    Both are still bad.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    i just bought tumulte for $10 at TJ Maxx . . .

    my first impression was like everyone else's - holy cedar, batman!

    very close to gucci rush, but on me rush is more about the incense and it stay very close to the skin. it has a dry musty feel to it. the cedar def comes through but i can smell the incense on myself hours later.

    on the otherhand, tumulte is a little more aromatic in a sense. it smells softer, and slightly feels like terre d'hermes, minus sour citrus. its a very rounded out, well blended scent on me, whereas rush just felt like i took cheap perfume oil and layered haphazardly a layer of incense then cedar on top. i i feel like tumulte is much more easy going and though it feels like a one note cedar, the other notes linger in there just enough to make it brighter and airy.

    definitely a great blind purchase!

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I love Tumulte and always say yes to it. Especially when you can get it so cheap. Visit is very similar but not exactly the same. Also, if you like it or Visit, you will have more supply.

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    Tumulte is nowhere near as dry as Visit, and has the incense notes already mentioned. I find Visit bone dry.
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    Cool Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I have and love both and have to agree that Visit is a lot drier than Tumulte. Tumulte always brings to me this mental image of empty cargo space of an old wooden sail ship that has carried lots of exotic stuff. Maybe it's the heavy cedar and a hint of tar and incense. IMO both are quite linear scents without much development.
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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    i just had an epiphany - Tumulte smells like a more wearable, more understandable CDG3!

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    Default Re: Tumulte Pour Homme if you have Visit

    I got Tumulte at TJMaxx, too. I had no idea what it was but the price was right, packing looked nifty. Being a graphic designer I get attracted to these things.

    Finally got to spraying on myself with it last night and... what the hell is that smell? My first impression was what my old college dorm smelled like after a pot party. Yes, after when the kids would all burn different kinds of incense. I couldn't place the cedar note at all. It's a mix of various kinds of cedar. I think the fragrance is a dry, burnt mess but that could be my newbie nose talking!

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