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    Default TL Pour Lui - made me ill

    Today was a bad scent day for The Scentimus!

    I wore TL Pour Lui by Ted Lapidus - after I sprayed myself I knew I made a grave mistake. Half way on the drive to work I felt an awful headache coming on.

    To my nose this scent contains the same queasy note which the women's fragrance Red Door contains. Yes Red Door can make me gravely ill to the point I had to ask a female coworker to refrain from wearing it.

    This note has be some kind of floral note that is mixed with oriental amber. The fragrance over all very very heavy and sweet with spicy tones. Honest I could not handle it. I would rather take a mega dose of Joop Homme over TL and I don't see the comparison to Cristobal on this scent. At least Cristobal does not make me was to vomit.

    Terrible - I may have to refrain from wearing a scent tomorrow.

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    Default Re: TL Pour Lui - made me ill

    Sorry to hear that Scentimus ... get well quick ,, cheers .

    Currently wearing: Rochas Lui by Rochas

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