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Thread: Nasomatto? wow!

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    Default Nasomatto? wow!

    Nasomatto?? Tried Duro on one hand and Absinthe on the other while cruising through Barney's a while back. Impressive fragrances! Very potent and mysterious with lots of depth. Both fragrances were quite different from each other but equally provocative. Absinthe seemed like a very dry spice with a vetiver drydown but unlike anything I've sampled anywhere else. Duro was also very different and seemed to have an oud like incense - reminded me of Rose 31 without the rose!? The SA said the company would not release any notes or fragrance pyramid - just the poetry of the scent.

    Anyone tried these? Opinions please.
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    I own Nasomatto - Absinth and it went immediately to my Top 10. Earthy, Nutty, vetiver...different than anything I own. Expensive but it is an extrait. Lasts forever with the right amount of sillage. I like Duro also, but found it similar to other things, so I will hold off on it.

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    Jock, what scents did Duro remind you of? I had a brief sniff of these in Barneys but not enough to form much of an opinion other than that they were interesting and seemed good.
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    It was in the same vein of Gucci PH, CDG 2 Man, Vetiver 46, Bois d'Orage...however...Duro has a distinct feel all to itself IMO. It is beautiful. Will be a hard choice between Vetiver 46 and Duro for me.

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    Oh yes, I go for Duro. I use my second lovely bottle now - and still love it. Somehow it's magical and mysterical, potent as Buzzlepuff mentioned. At the drydown I recognise a very subtle, fine leather. Expensiv, but worth a try.

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    Default Re: Nasomatto? wow!

    I recently bought Duro after smelling it a couple of times, but I haven't given it a full wearing yet. I went back and tested Absinth as well, and I think I really like that one too, but at the price they're asking, and with more holiday expenses coming up, it might have to wait...
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    Default Re: Nasomatto? wow!

    I liked the Hindu Grass the best of them

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