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View Poll Results: What fragrance for a milestone day?

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  • L'Artisan Tea for Two

    20 23.26%
  • Montale Black Aoud

    14 16.28%
  • Creed Millesime Imperial

    13 15.12%
  • Gucci pour Homme

    8 9.30%
  • L'Artisan Voleur de Roses

    5 5.81%
  • YSL M7

    10 11.63%
  • Creed Original Vetiver

    9 10.47%
  • Montale Roses Musk

    5 5.81%
  • Terre d'Hermes

    15 17.44%
  • Bond no. 9 West Side

    5 5.81%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default A big day fragrance

    I've been MIA for a while, with a bunch going on and some annoying events that soured me from collecting for a while. However, I think I'll start coming back a little more and sayin hi now and then!

    I'm closing on a new house on Thursday (part of the reason for my absence lately) and am really looking forward to it. It'll be my first house purchased and will be the beginning of the first time I've lived in one place for more than a year since high school!

    Now the question that only the fine readers of basenotes would deem a 'million dollar' one is... what should I wear on my first day walking through my new house? It's a restored 1940 bungalow with original oak floors, a fireplace, arched passageways, diagonal halls and built in display niches here and there. It has a lot of those types of old character, so Coney Island wouldn't exactly be very fitting

    I put some of what I think might be some good options (from my collection) in the poll. You can vote for multiples if you can't decide! I really want to wear Tann Rokka Signature, but it won't get here in time.. it's been back ordered for a month and a half and isn't shipping until tomorrow!
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I voted for Milliseme Imperial - even though I don't like it for me, it seems 'fitting' for such a serious occasion.

    Or better yet - buy a new bottle of No. 88 (I see it's on your Wish List).

    I missed you bro' - nice to see you back. Yay on the new house - how exciting!
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I pick Tea for Two, not just because I'm wearing it today, but also I think it reminds me of the season and of home... so perfect for moving into a new house near Christmas time!! Which ever one you choose, congrats on your new home and ENJOY!!
    "Faites des bêtises, mais faites les avec enthousiasme !" Colette

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I voted for Black Aoud - I think anything with big time roses is appropriate. Congratulations!
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I kind of want to say OV, although there are better frags on the list. It just seems so proud, bright, and astute.
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Congrat - well it's up to you, since it's just for your own pleasure, but the only fragrance up there that seems festive and joyous is Tea for Two so that gets my vote!
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Congratulations on your latest acquisition Robbie....

    I voted for Black Aoud.....every time i wear Black Aoud i feel powerful and there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with it...I'd say go for it........


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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Black Aoud. Hands down.

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Another vote for Tea for Two, so hearth and homey. Congrats!
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I'd wear whatever feels good at the time.

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I would recommend Original Vetiver. It smells like a million bucks and flashes some old-school class without being dated.
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    I see why a bigger, powerful fragrance would be in order, but on days like these, I often surprise myself by going more in the direction of what Nicolas V wrote... I think a classy, tasteful, somewhat understated but beautiful thing can speak louder than something loud. So yes, Original Vetiver or Terre d'Hermes, but not in that order. Especially because you live in Florida (and I know what it's like to walk through those bungalow homes... LOVE THEM!), I picture Terre d'Hermes the perfect accompaniment to the surrounding greenery, hardwood floors and tasteful decor. At any rate, Congratulations!!!

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    For some reason Creed's Vintage Tabarome was brought to my mind; or Guerlain's Heritage, Hermes Equipage, or Nicolai's New York.

    Congrats on your first house purchase! May it be the start of many successful choices for you. I can still remember the excitement and anticipation in closing on my first house in 1994!

    However, none of the above are in your poll, so I'll go with...

    Creed Millesime Imperial (but only if it's working for you that day; test discreetly)

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    ROSES MUSK mmmmmm

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Well I was originally thinking Tea for Two and Black Aoud as the perfect two and was torn between them. Looks like many people thought the same! I went with Tea for Two and it fit nicely. The final walk through of old wood with the TfT blended nicely and I even have a TfT candle that I'm going to let burn during the day tomorrow so the house will have its own "signature" smell. I feel extremely lucky to be able to buy a house at 26 in the area I am, so it's a very merry Christmas down here! (it was 80 degrees today and sunny ) Thanks for the input and votes! I bought a big smoker/grill today so anyone that is close to Orlando, drop me a line and come eat BBQ!
    For those of you that love old house details, old hardwood floors, and old neighborhood charm, here are a couple pics and the park a couple doors down :
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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    Yay for Robbie!!

    So, BBQ huh...?

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    Default Re: A big day fragrance

    We should have a FL scent get together! Some day...

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