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    Default Laura Tonatto's Oltre?

    A while ago I ordered a sample of Laura Tonatto's Oltre out of random curiosity and found myself rather impressed. I know aquatics have a bad reputation around here, but this fragrance has piqued my interest in this category.
    Of the notes listed, the only really prominent ones I noticed were muguet in the top notes and pine in the middle, with the musk being very low-key in th base. The whole impression, however, was interestingly aquatic. The top notes start out rather rainy, in a very cool, almost cold way, but gradually a realistic sea-water scent emerges and begins to dominate the fragrance.
    I found this fragrance had great longevity on me, lasting at least ten hours before I had a bath.
    When people talk of "melancholic" fragrances, I generally can think of few that would fit that term, but Oltre's chill sea-scent would be one.
    Anyone else tried this? What do you think?

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    Talking Re: Laura Tonatto's Oltre?

    Hi, I've smelt this just one time. It smells a little like fish, but in a good way!

    But I think it is to weird for me to wear.

    Hugs. W

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