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    Default Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I only have 9 at the moment, which is pretty minuscule compared to most here, right? I got my first comment yesterday from a close friend on my 'obsession'. Weird to get a different perspective on it. Kind of makes me want to chill out until I use this up.

    How about you? Any denigrating comments? Do you ignore or take it a little personally?

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    People think I'm really weird...I have almost 50 frags. The funniest comments come from friend/family who do not perceive me as a guy "who would care about that kind of stuff". :-)

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    Actually I get comments about having too much perfume all the time. I pay them no mind. I just bought 2 other frags Sunday and have a few more that I want to get. I'm working on the 2nd tier of my vanity now. I love perfume.

    Alot of people don't get a chance to indulge in the things that they love. So, some of them may not understand what it's like to do something you love. Alot of folks think I'm crazy to spend what I do on a bottle of perfume. Somebody is always gonna have something to say about something. So, don't worry about them. Do what you love and what makes you happy. You have something to look forward to almost every day. Alot of people don't.

    Perfume isn't my only obsession. I'm a straight label whore. I love designer anything. So, I get a lot of flack about my spending all the time. As long as my needs are taken cared of then I don't worry. I just let them talk. I just let them sit there and smell me smellin all good and thangs & and let them look at me looking as fabulous as ever. So, don't take it personal. Just take yourself to the perfume counter and spray it up!! Yeah!!!
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

    Divatologist....Breaking perfume rules since 1969
    I smells goooooooooooood! Don't believe me? Come smell me!!

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    Actually, only a few people other than DH have ever made comments at all - and all had the same opinion - that I deserve to pamper myself and have what I enjoy. But then they also know that I'm the crazy person who is obsessed with rosebushes who has warned everyone - don't buy me cut flowers - get me a bush instead!

    I wouldn't worry about having nine frags bernat - even when I was a poor, starving student many years ago I owned more than 9 frags. IMHO I'd ignore your friend.
    The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I don't get enough comments. Clearly I don't smell fabulous enough. Yet. But I'm working on it. :-)
    "I don't know the key to success,
    but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
    Bill Cosby

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    Smile Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    Mostly, my family and friends just roll their eyes at my fragrance hobby. They don't get why I'm so interested in fragrances, but they put up with it.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    She's not your close friend or else she wouldn't accuse you of being psychologically aberrant, just because you have such a small collection. Many people have hobbies and collect things.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I know way too many people with only one colonge/perfume. I wish I would have figured out how amazing cologone was earlier, but then again senior year of high school is earlier then a lot of people. Currently only own three, four on Christmas. I want to get to the point where I have 10+ scents to wear so I can through everyone off on my scent for the day and smell good every one of em.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I've had people almost choke when I said that I have 100+ bottles! I tell them that's nothing compared to some of the collections I've seen! Been told I'm wasting my money, that it's a frivolis habit and that I've " enough" and I don't need anymore. Etc, etc. .

    People collect things like stamps and dolls and cars and so on. People collect CLOTHES for goodness sake! Next time someone gives you flak about it just ask them if they have more than one outfit or better yet more than three pairs of shoes.

    I like to tell my husband that it's a cheaper habit than some women I've known. Some women collect diamond jewelry! ; )

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    More than once, I've had a friend say something to the effect of 'wow, you've got a lot of cologne' (I have 30-40 bottles). And then they start sniffing and trying them out, looking for something new that they like, and totally enjoying the variety, exactly the way I do.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    wow i have thrown so many bottles of perfume out because I feel like I had too much and that I was being over-exuberant and hedonistic. Everyone knows I love perfume and smells though. I haven't had any comments I guess because I always get rid of so much. Actually I have been on a search to find my "signature" scent, and this is what I always tell people. Unfortunately for me I can't seem to find ONE thing and just stick with it. I have frequently wondered what that means or says about me as an individual. A lot of money has gone down the drain though :-( , hence my post asking for recomendations... oh well.

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    Default Re: Comments from 'regular people' on your collection

    I don't know how many I have, but there is an above average number of fragrances in my wardrobe ( but what is average?). Add to those the myriad samples and decants which are ever increasing, and it does look like an obsession. I perfer to think it is a passion that I can control when I must. I probably spend too much money and mean to cut back in 2008, but there are always new holy grails. I don't blind-buy full bottles.

    I rarely get any comments about it, I think people just accept it. I'm generally regarded as quite a singular person anyway, so perhaps to others the perfume habit is just another expression of that.

    The frag habit is not all-consuming. I have other passions and interests in life, and some of those I know rather more about than the perfumes. My expertise in frags is a long, long, way down the scale from many of the gurus here, to whom I doff my hat.
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