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    Default Nightflight Review

    Hey guys, this is my first-ever review, so please please tell me what you think! I'm going to write similar reviews for all of the fragrances I own, but I need a couple of days to get to know them and gather my thoughts.


    As with many essences that contain a hefty amount of rather "controversial" ingredients (The combination of lemon and pineapple is very risky), Nightflight isn't for everyone. That being said, I'm glad it fits well for me, because it'd be a shame to let go of such an exquisite scent. The richness and zest that exudes is so multifaceted and stimulating; there's not a simple way to describe this fragrance -- it's powerful, it's apparent; yet, it's strangely pleasant and mellow; soft on the nose and invigorating on the mind. It's a rare powerhouse fragrance that redefines nobility, adding its own spicy-sweet hint of passion to complete the proper execution of one of the most luscious and manly scents in the world.

    However, it's not all perfect. While it's lemon notes would make Dolce & Gabbana blush, they are a bit clotting on the nose, and too demanding of attention. The addition of pineapple, adding a citrus tone, enhances the strength of the lemon, and thusly is responsible for its prevalence throughout the life of this scent. Nevermind the conflict of interests you have either; this scent is very hard to balance correctly. It's a scent you can't overspray because it WILL induce headaches, but you don't want to wear too little, because every person in this world absolutely needs to smell this on a body whose chemistry does it justice, and so it is not for the shy man who goes without attention. So then; this is not a fragrance for the newcomers or inexperienced in the world of cologne.

    Nightflight is vigorous proof that the most beautiful of things are only so in minute quantities. It lays it's faults down at your feet, where others weave them throughout their heart and base notes in an attempt to hide some of the imperfections. Most people are turned off by this scent due to it's initial overwhelming bombardment of lemon, pineapple, and Corander. The corander adds a very dry, spicy kick to the lemon and pineapple's wet, juicy punch, and it creates a wrinkled nose at first, because it smells extremely powerful. Fear not, though, because the drydown is absolutely marvelous. As the base notes yawn into life, the natural fusion of lemon to cedar and pineapple to sandalwood is absolutely mind-blowing. For those of you who can appreciate a remarkable fragrance, I encourage you to at least view this scent from an editorial standpoint, and revel in the majestic synthesis of top, heart, and base notes; united as an entire body of a proper fragrance.

    No, this isn't a signature scent, nor is it an every day scent, because that would destroy some of the magic. Nightflight was forged with the notion of being mysterious and curious, but by accident, they have created a scent that is truly remarkable beyond all other scents I have tried.

    The easiest 10/10 I will ever give.


    Zesty, rich, and sparkling with aroma
    Stunning use of lemon and pineapple in a manly aroma
    Majestic drydown, brimming with friendly sweetness and solid woodsy notation
    Impossible to wear every day.


    Initial sprays are overwhelming (until the jubilant top notes are seduced by heart & base notes)
    Hard to wear for the right occasion.
    Very thick scent
    Not easy to balance

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    Default Re: Nightflight Review

    Thanks for the review. I think it is very well-written and look forward to your next one
    Currently wearing: Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

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    Default Re: Nightflight Review

    Nice review! I just recently purchased a bottle of Nightflight and can agree with you.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Nightflight Review

    Thanks Leifer - questions: What is the drydown notes? You mentioned it has a stunning drydown, but what does the drydown smell like? Would you compare Nightflight to Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur (honestly, the only other pineapple prominent scent I've smelled)?
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    Default Re: Nightflight Review


    Unfortunately, I've never smelled Ananas (that's literally "pineapple" in Russian...) Fizz, nor have I been able to try any L'Artisan Parfumeur

    However, if it helps to relate... the lemon and pineapple are prominent as strictly-sweet smelling top notes -- other scents may have bitter orange notes or some sort of anchors to relax the sweetness a little bit, but not Nightflight. The drydown blends the sweet notes with the woodsy base notes... I'm not sure how I can describe it, since I just woke up, but imagine a sweet cedar and a sweet sandalwood that are so light in citrus, you wouldn't be able to pin-point what those notes were unless you had been exposed to the fragrance earlier on. I think that's the whole mystery right there -- nobody can guess what notes are bleeding through, because it's such a beautiful orchestration of sweet and woodsy, it doesn't matter. What matters is the final result.

    Hope that helps, if you have any more questions I'd be more than happy to answer them!

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    Default Re: Nightflight Review

    Mike, no comparison. In Nightflight, the pineapple note is gone in the first hour and you are left with a marzipan/musk accord that I just can't stand. I gave away my full bottle of Nightflight and then had to avoid the woman that I gave it to because she loved it...she really loved it! It was sweet and sticky and musky smelling. Even the thought of it turns my stomach. It's an uncomplicated fragrance with lime and pineapple over marzipan and tons of synthetic musk. It reminds me of Jovan Musk with a little fruit, sugar, and almonds thrown in for good measure.

    AF, on the other hand, is fruit and rum and coconut (as I am sure you know). This is a breathtaking concoction that to me smells very natural and well balanced. I wish it lasted longer on me but it is still wonderful.

    I used to wear Nightflight when I was in school and back then I thought it was fantastic. It's funny how we change. Now I can't even be in the same room!
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    Default Re: Nightflight Review

    Thanks guys - yes I suspected as much. Fruit (including pineapple) does have that ability to either smell like fruit flavored things or the actual fruit itself. Sometimes the molecules fragrances are made up of just lean a little too much towards the synthetic for my nose. A pineapple is not always a pineapple - if you know what I mean.

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