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    Hi everyone, just bought a 125ml bottle of Relax by Davidoff I am waiting for it to arrive, I have heard alot of good reviews on this one and so bought it blind, seems I will like it given all the rave reviews on it! does anyone else love this fragrance?

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    Relax is one of my 5/5s. Good luck with liking it!

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    Default Re: Davidoff Relax

    its rough on top, but it dries beautifully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdnba View Post
    its rough on top, but it dries beautifully.
    Does it ever.... This is a fragrance that I must always have along with my JHL and Havana for this time of the year.


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    Aha - just this morning I received a mini of this from my good and generous friend Latch35.
    I sniffed a bit from a blotter and I'm liking it a lot, sweet and warm and I love the spearmint.
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    Theres some thing too clovey and plasticky in this scent which refuses to make my nose relax. Its an ok juice I guess but not on par with Zino.

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    My first experience of being burnt by Basenotes 'hype' was with Relax. I bought a 75ml bottle blind and hated its synthetic '80s smell. I quickly sold it for exactly the same price that I paid for it, and have since been taking any Basenotes hype with a pinch of salt.

    I really hope your experience with Relax is better.

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    Well thanks for all your comments, I received it today and on my first spray I thought old strong scent, I let it dry down and WOW I love it! sweet and classy, not many like this nowadays! I love it!

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    I figured this would be a good place to post this question, rather than start a new thread:

    Is it true that Davidoff still produces Relax for sale in Germany? I think I remember someone saying something like that a while ago. This is one of my all-time favorite frags and would be my signature scent if I wasn't so worried about running out!

    I know it would probably be just as expensive to have someone buy it in Germany and then ship it to the U.S., but at least then there'd be less chance of getting stale or counterfeit juice...
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    I found this while hunting for frags, bought it rather cheap and now stays on the top of my rotation list. Perfect for casual or formal use...stays close, stays on.
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