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    Default The "Creed Effect" - olfactory infection...

    Try this out - pull out a creed that has a big sandalwood and ambergris accord (i.e. Green Irish Tweed, Original Santal, Himalaya) and sniff the inside of the cap. Then go smell another fragrance, whether it be the inside of a cap, or whatever you're wearing on your wrists etc.

    Do you notice the Creed effect? Whatever you smell after that will smell like it has a big sandalwood and ambergris accord in it!

    Does that happen with any sandalwood scent? Is it the Ambergris that acts like glue inside your nose?
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    Default Re: The "Creed Effect" - olfactory infection...

    It is heavy molecules which can get stuck inside your nose, I think.
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    Default Re: The "Creed Effect" - olfactory infection...

    Hirch has it right, I think. Sandalwood and amber/ambergris notes are made of heavier and more tenacious molecules (naturally, since they're basenotes).

    It's kind of like eating a bar of dark chocolate before dinner; the taste of whatever you eat afterwards will be coloured by the chocolate.

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