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    Default Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    Hey, I'm a 19 year old male going to college part time. I've never in my life used frags beyond body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant. That being said, I've recently decided to start learning about and using colognes. I live in a very small city and only have a Wal-Mart and a TJ Maxx to shop in. I've read several guides and lists online and have read quite a bit on here today about colognes. Before finding this site I bought a bottle of Acqua di Gio and a bottle of Envy. I only like Acqua di Gio after I've been wearing it for a very long time. I love the smell of Envy. I have a problem in that one spray of Acqua di Gio on my chest with a t-shirt and sweater is headache inducing and very strong until several hours later could this be partially because I'm not used to scents? I didn't have this problem as much with Envy, but it was still pretty strong.

    Now, I wanted to see if I could get a general guideline for what types of scents are most likely to work well for my skin type. I have relatively oily, moist skin which stays very warm (so I've been told). I guess I should include a little bit more about myself- extra info never hurts. I'm tall and thin, relatively quiet but quite friendly and come off as cocky at times. I'm not a party-goer by nature but I've been known to show up at some every now and again. I wear jeans only sometimes, wearing..."trousers" most of the time. I wear a lot of wool sweaters at this time of year. I've been told that I'm much "classier" than most of my peers, but there's a definite yin to that yang.

    That's most of the background I can offer. I'm also looking for suggestions, focusing on Creed, or other mainstream colognes like the ones I have. I'd really like something that isn't synthetic though.

    Given what I've told you- I'm extremely open to suggestions. I'm a fairly tight budget right now, but I could swing a small bottle of average priced Creed with a sample vial first of course.

    (I do most of my shopping on Amazon by the way)

    What types of frags go well (generally) with oily, warm skin? Also, given what I've told you about myself, what frags come to mind that you think I could "pull off"?
    Any general recommendations?
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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    Wow, I'm kinda jealous.....5-6 sprays of Acqua di Gio barely lasts a few hours on's that way with most frags. Feel lucky you are one who carries frags well

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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question. sells samples of some of the Creeds, why don't you start with those? I live in an area with few stores and that's how I discover new scents. Click on their "miniatures" section to get to them. The has them, too. They can be a bit expensive, but I didn't check their sample prices on Creeds.
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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    lets find you something Niche, something that the average person has never heard of. Thats half the fun of the whole fragrance hobby (for me anyway)! There are loads of overprices fragrances out there, and there are equal numbers of less expensive scents that are true works of magic.

    Here are a few that I would recommend for someone just getting their feet wet in the fragrance arena...

    If you are an amazon shopper look into Pal Zileri Sartoriale, you can get a 100ml bottle shipped to you for around $35. It smells like another well loved and respected, but discontinued fragrance...(gucci rush) and one of the hottest niche wood scents out in the past couple years "wonderwood" by Comme Des garcons.

    The other one that is a MUST HAVE in all collections is Encre Noire by Lalique. It's amazing beyond it's years. It's ultra dark and mystical and spectacular. Read the reviews...people love this one. Its ONLY draw back is that it's not expensive!!! If it cost $100 more dollars than it does now, people would STILL buy it and love it, only it would be talked about EVEN MORE. It is $36.14 for 100ml on Amazon and its amazon prime eligible too!

    Jaguar "Vision" is a great starter scent. Smells so much like Aventus its crazy. Real Aventus fans will clain this as blasphomy the same way an "Apple fan-boy" would say a PC can never compete with a Mac. But truth be told, for the price it's also amazing beyond it's years. $23 on Amazon Prime. (often found at TJMAXX)

    Mont Blanc makes a couple that are great too. Mont Blanc "Individuel" smells even more like Creeds Masterpeice "Original Santal" than Vision smells like aventus. This one is spot on. A really great sweet spicy scent that it almost good enough to eat. It's $30 on amazon prime. (often found at TJMAXX)

    A personal Favorite of mine is Marc Jacobs Bang. Its probably the most controversial of all these I have listed. It is love or hare with it because it's loaded to the top with pepper. It dries down and gets past the pepper within about 30min and the dry down is just beautiful! It can often be found at TJMAXX or most shopping malls too. I like it, but it's probably not a safe blind-buy choice. It will be the biggest risk of all I listed. I can be bought from most places for $30-40 but do not pay more.

    I can give you loads more recommendations if you Private message me. I have a HUGE collection, and I would be happy to get you some samples from my stuff to help you save money over buying samples. I got started into scent just exactly like you are about one year ago. I too live in a town with just a TJMAXX, ROSS and A small shopping mall. Not a perfume boutique or discount perfume store for 300miles! So when I was getting my start I spent WAY too much buying samples from places like and (Most of which I hated)

    Shoot me a private message and remind me who you are...I can help you further if you like. I wish someone had helped me when I was getting started, I wasted too much money finding out what I hate.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Private message me, I can hook you up with some samples if you like.

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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    NB - The OP hasn't been BN active in nearly 5 years. I doubt whether he will be returning for any recommendations now.
    Currently wearing: KL Homme by Lagerfeld

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    Default Re: Couldn't find anything to answer this question.

    Burberry Touch
    Bvlgari Man
    Bvlgari BlV
    Bvlgari Black
    I'd say Creed Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Milliseme Imperial but they may be out of your budget. Try BMRC2 is a 10% off coupon
    YSL La Nuit
    Ted Lapidus Black Soul
    Dsquared2 Wood

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