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    Well, this is meant to be both an inquisitive and informative post. I sprayed some Prada Amber Pour Homme and dabbed it onto my wrist, completely forgetting that I had already put some diluted cinnamon bark/patchouli oil mix there earlier.

    An hour into the drydown of Prada, I'm sniffing my wrist going "Wow, this smells really good, but so different than normal. What's going on?" It smelled a lot like BMen, actually. A definite and strong rhubarb note was present.

    Then it dawned on me - it was the mix of the Prada and my oils. The only note that was even remotely noticeable of the oil mix prior to applying Prada was the cinnamon bark. Now, I'm just left debating what note or notes of Prada combined with the cinnamon to create this rhubarby smell. Any guesses as to what it is?

    I'm going to experiment more in the future here and report back. It'd be great to figure out how to make various notes through an accord blend; notes that can't be achieved through a single oil.
    Well, since the original post I've tested this again and the same thing happened. Prada PH + Cinnamon/Patchouli = BMen.

    Until I get my large essential oil order in (delayed b/c of Christmas :P), and get to smell more of them, I'm just not sure what is combining to make that note.
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