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    Default Novice needs suggestions

    I'm a 29 yr old sporty guy who is usually into sporty clean less spicy scents....scents I've bought:

    1) Armani Mania (most people tell me this smells really good on me but i'm bored with it)
    2) Kenneth Cole Reaction ( I like the smell of it but it only stayed on me for about 2 hrs )
    3) Lacoste Green Bottle ( Same as KC Reaction )
    4) I just bought Lucky 6 recently and this smells good to me but I don't get many compliments

    I require a cologne that isn't super spicy or crazy, however I'd like it to intensify or stay on as good when I go out and break a sweat on the dance floor.

    I was thinking about trying:

    - Allure (people say it doesn't stay on too long though)
    - Guess (this was recommended to me by one of the sales guys)

    Is there anything else I should try on my skin if Armani Mania seems to work real good for me and Lucky 6?

    Also one last note, I don't like fragrances like Aqua Di Gio where everyone is wearing it.


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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    You might try Terre de Hermes, by Hermes Paris. Fantastic, sophisticated bitter orange and cedar. Check the reviews here at Basenotes. I had a fragrance wardrobe very similar to yours until I recently discovered Basenotes, and Terre was an enlightening departure for me. Hope this helps!
    For your convenience, link to reviews for Terre de Hermes:
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    I highly second what Milo said plus these:

    Romance Silver
    Armani Code
    Narsico Rodriguez for Him
    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme
    Thierry Mugler Cologne
    Tommy Bahama for Him
    Burberry Touch
    Polo Explorer
    Bulgari Aqua
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Bulgari Aqva
    Bulgari PH Extreme
    Uomo Moschino
    Terre D'Hermes
    Chanel Allure Sport

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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    if you like reaction and mania...try kenneth cole black(i might get a reaction from some on this one, but its good stuff)
    Also try echo by davidoff, givenchy pour homme red label, tommy bahama very cool or set sail

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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Of the ones you suggested, I strongly recommend Allure.
    For a less expensive, virtually identical and readily available alternative, try Perry Ellis M.
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    allure smells boring.

    do i know how to contrbute to a thread or what?
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Based on your comments, I would rather suggest the Allure Sport instead of regular Allure. The citrusy opening stays for a while, and then approaches Allure in the dry down, and since you mentioned going out to the club - it might be the better option.
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions even though I question some of them like "Polo Explorer" which seems alittle too spicy.

    Is there a big difference between Allure Sport Colonge and the EDP? I've heard the colonge will stay on better but the EDP seems to smell alittle better. I've actually heard both won't stay on long, can anyone confirm this?

    I will definitely try out Terre de Hermes, by Hermes Paris since that was recommended twice. Hoping to see other candidates pop out from multiple recommendations as well.....

    Now I just gotta figure out where to get Terre de Hermes....


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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Local sources: If there's a Sephora store where you live, you can get a spray sample made there. The high-end dept stores (Saks, Nordstroms) are your next alternative.
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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    What's so good about Bvlgari Aqua? I've seen that recommended twice....also 2 other Bvlgari fragrences were recommended....seems like a Bvlgari marketting team has invaded this forum.

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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Terre d'Hermes
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Mugler Cologne
    Egoiste Platinum

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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions

    Terre de Hermes and Narciso Rodriguez for Men - I also recommend
    Currently wearing: Vetiver by Guerlain

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    Default Re: Novice needs suggestions


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