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    Default Help me Diversify...

    Been going over my wardrobe today and i've been noticing that alot of my fall/winter scents seem to fall into the same categories.....Spicy, Woody, Oriental, Tobacco.

    For example: Azzaro Visit, Burberry London, Caron Third Man, L'Instant, Creed BdP, Must de Cartier, Chanel Allure, Terre de Hermes, D&G Ph, Tabarome Millisme, and The Dreamer

    Now while i do like these scents and scents that share these traits they're all starting to feel the same to me when i go to reach for my SOTD even though they're different...

    So im lookin for some help with a little diversification... lookin for things i can wear to the office but also for a couple for going out at night as well...

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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    Three fragrances that strike me as potentially good for winter yet not in the above categories:

    Bois d'Argent: Orris ( iris ) root with honey, very warm and comforting.

    Oltre: A scent that matches the winter rather than opposes it; an oceanic mix of muguet, musk and pine.

    L'Anarchiste: Mandarin, cedar and musk, very refined and elegant despite the name.

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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    I personally appreciate but don't care for Scent Intense by Costume National (too much jasmine for my taste).
    Still, everyone really should try it once -- trust me.
    It might very well be just what you need to "punch up" your 'drobe -- it's very different from what you've listed as favorites.
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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    For starters:
    Dior Homme
    Parfums de Nicolai New York
    The Different Company Rose Poivree
    Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque and Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan*
    Domenico Caraceni
    Les Nereides Patchouli Antique
    Montale Black Aoud

    *Perhaps better suited for a "night out".
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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    I'll suggest L'Artisan's Mechant Loup. It has a lot in common note-wise with stuff in your drobe (sandalwood, spices, tobacco) but it's really unusual and original. It's kind of strange with its honey and hazelnuts. The brilliant use of moss is probably its secret weapon. I really like it. It smells very European to me-- mysterious and intellectual as well.

    The best part is that while I find it extremely strange and individualistic -- women go nuts for it. I was shocked when I started to get compliment after compliment on Mechant Loup from women. I didn't think it was the kind of thing they liked, but it is. Very nice for the cold weather. Like a hot cup of Frangelico and coffee by the fire in a wood cabin as the snow flutters outside the window.

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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    try issey miyake bleu...i love it from the first time i tried it and its different from anything else i have ever put on. Recently i alo tried givenchy pour homme blue label and loved it...that would be different as well.

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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    thanks to everyone who's made suggestions so far...

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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    I would suggest anything from Comme des Garcons, Shiseido Basala and anything from Yves Saint Laurent, especially Kouros, M7 and RIve Gauche.
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    Default Re: Help me Diversify...

    A rose scent would certainly be a good addition to the excellent and well rounded wardrobe you've put together.
    Sloan's suggestion of The Different Company's Rose Poivree is a great idea. I was given a sample last night and it has enraptured me all day today.
    Another rich floral is Richard James.
    Or you can always do one that was mistakenly marketed as a feminine fragrance, when it should have been presented as a unisex, like Feminitè du Bois, a mysterious Cedar and floral gem.
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