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    Default Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    I've always felt a kind of nervous anticipation before posting. Like...will the post be interesting enough, the grammar and spelling and will others respond...will I offend someone, albeit private (kbe...!)

    Just curious to know from others.
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    Default Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    So, should we not respond to just cause you a real case of self-doubt??

    But yes, I've felt the same! Butt I sppel thins rong all the time!
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    Default Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    haha, funny you should ask.

    Just yesterday, I posted an essentially pointless thread about how I'd be wearing Royal Delight to the ballet.

    I've got about 40 views and 0 responses! I knew it was pointless, and something I've already talked about anyway.

    Every single other one of my comments has been an invaluable gift of my never-ending wisdom.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    Yes - let's face it posting on the boards is 'public speaking' just in a different format...

    I've learned that the more I post the less nervous it makes me. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, piss other Basenoters off, etc. Life is too short for that.

    Looking forward to many more posts from you jellybean!

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    Default Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see some apprehension on the part of new posters to start the threads... with the amount of condescending responses and 'snobbism' that appears on the board.


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    Smile Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    I really don't think there is too much of snobbery or condescending attitude here on Basenotes. My opinion is, that too many members are too worried about correctness and seem to have an opinion that all the threads are just as valuable and thus it's not right to criticize any of them. I think this attitude is bad for the general level of this magnificent forum. Insulting and being mean should obviously never be a part of our community, but healthy criticism is always welcome, I believe. We are adults here, we shouldn't take it personally if a fellow member tells us in a friendly manner that maybe this or this thread is redundant.

    I have been here for some time, and have started just one thread, one about aesthetics. I was kind of nervous since it's hard to tell if people have any interest in a subject such as that.

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    Default Re: Ever been nervous about posting a thread?

    Hell yeah, I always worry about starting a thread. I usually want to start a thread when I'm very invested in the thoughts of it, invested in love/hate for the scent, or invested in the story I want to tell in the thread. Because I'm so involved in it, I really want that to come through and I want everyone else to think it's neat too. I worry because other people might not be interested as much as I am.

    Once long ago on a previous Basenotes format I started a thread on "what makes a good thread?" because I wanted tips. Some members's threads always seemed to do so well, bringing lots of comments and lots of different angles to each comment on the scent or story or whatever. I was jealous and wanted all my threads to work out that way. Hehehe, they still don't.

    Sometimes I think reviews can be intimidating, and thus make a short-lived thread with few replies. Not "intimidating" in the sense that everyone is scared or afraid, but sometimes the knowledge, thought, story, review, comparisons, whatever, are so explained, so complete, so round, and so well arranged and argued that other members don't want to go through the energy it takes to say something different, because it does sometimes take effort. Especially when I was worried my threads would go no where and I kept putting lots of energy into trying tips to make ideas into sucessful threads.

    I still worry about it but it became easier and indeed I made better and more successful threads when I was casual about it.
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