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    Default Kanøn - Bad bottle?

    I bought a bottle of the classic (and cheap) Kanøn today. I'm stunned because I can barely smell it on application, and after about 10 minutes the smell is gone. They only sell it in a cologne, so I don't think it's because it's a lack of it not being an EDT.

    To those that own it just a very light and subliminal frag, or did I get a bad bottle?

    I am really *very* disappointed in this one. I've smelled hand soaps from the 99 cents store with better sillage.

    The bottle does not look tampered with, and it does have reference to their website, so it can't be that old?

    It was only $20, but that's just less than half of a bottle of Chanel Pour Monsieur.
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    Default Re: Kanøn - Bad bottle?

    It's possible that it's old, but Kanon is a light scent. When I use it, I spray 4-5 times on my chest and belly. When your skin heats up, or you perspire a bit, it will come out more. It's listed as a Cologne, but I think it is closer to an Eau de Cologne in strength.
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    Default Re: Kanøn - Bad bottle?

    It's a deceptively short lived scent indeed!
    Too bad, because it smells so nice, at least the few minutes it does!
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    Default Re: Kanøn - Bad bottle?

    I bought one blind two weeks ago ,, It should arrive soon ,, Looks like it will make a nice after shave
    MY package arrived ,, Hmmm .... I agree with you francois its nice enough (( has a faint Bogart Pour Homme note )) but the evaporates in very quick time .. Atrac use it as an afterhave as I will be ,, rip the spritzer plunger out and convert to splashon .
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