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    Question Unscented Soaps?

    Does anyone use unscented soaps and deodorants so they won't interfere with the scents notes?

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    Default Re: Unscented Soaps?

    Yes, I use bar soap by L'Amande, a line from Italy. (Available at beautyhabit.) Dr. Bonner's also makes an unscented liquid castile soap. Both are for babies, I think, but they are gentle to the skin and clean well. My solid antiperspirant has a light scent that doesn't seem to interfere with anything I use. I also use scented bar soaps that harmonize with the notes in my fragrances, just another take on layering.
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    Default Re: Unscented Soaps?

    That's my strategy.
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    Unhappy Re: Unscented Soaps?

    Dang, sorry for the double post..
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    Ditto dr bronners unscented. All the dr bronners goodness without any scent. Inexpensive as well. And yeah I think this is a thread in mens grooming, but why restrict it to guys? (Although the ladies probably all know about unscented soaps already)

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    I have used unscented Olive Oil Soap with very good results for giving my fragrances added staying power.

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    Recently, I've been using Dove extra sensitive unscented soap and, besides not interfering with any scent, the skin interaction is very mild yet also very cleansing.

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    I often use unscented Goat Milk soaps and they're great.
    All the local drugstore chains have their own house-brand.
    Ditto for Dove unscented.
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    puraderm...the best soap i ever tried in my life...seems to blow away dr bronners baby castile soap that i used during 2005-2007
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    I enjoy scented soaps and don't find them strong or long-lasting enough to interfere with any fragrance I wear.

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    I've used the simple range for twenty odd years now. As they say: " not scented, not coloured, just kind."
    Suits my sensitive skin and doesn't compete with my Frag.

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