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    Default Knize Ten - Help!

    Oh my, I think I may have just been shafted. I bought a bottle of Knize Ten cologne water from "your friendly neighborhood auction website" and it just arrived.

    Can anyone tell if the cologne splash is supposed to have a rubber stopper in the top?

    I ask because this bottle has one, and it has literally melted all around the inside of the opening. And there are pieces of it fused to the bottom as well.

    So what I have is a bottle of Knize Ten that has an "eau de rubber." Needless to say, I'm not pleased.

    I'd assume that if it did have a rubber stopper, they would have used a material that was immune to melting, no?

    Or is it possible that this bottle was less than full and they added "something to it" to make it full, which the rubber stopper was not immune to?

    Advice appreciated.
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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!

    if you used paypal to pay you can copy and paste what you have written here into a dispute. You usually will get your money back on something like this which is received but not at all what you expected.

    good luck
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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!


    Can you post a picture or the website link?

    Is this the one that was advertised as being a rare vintage bottle?

    I ask because my cologne is a splash. I bought it used from a fellow Basenoter and it also had stuff sticking on the top and inside of the opening. Some of it is still visible in the picture. It is authentic, however, as the new EdT spray next to it smells identical.

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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!

    *Gasp* Yes, mine looks like that too. Knize undoubtedly used something they should not have been using to keep it secure if it couldn't hold up to the juice inside. Do you also have pieces of rubber on the bottom?

    The part that is more odd to me...doesn't your stuff smell like rubber??? When I applied it, all I smelled was rubber. Maybe a hint of lavender. Nothing else. And to note, neither of those smells were "overpowering" like I've read in reviews of Knize Ten ("the first spray is overpowering.."). Rubber...lavender...then nothing. A very quick fade.

    I'm so very confused. I am at a huge disadvantage as well because I have never smelled any other bottle of Knize Ten. I have tried to find it locally (Los Angeles for pete's sake) and have been unsuccessful. Hence my desire to purchase this one (and deal with a vintage bottle).

    I'm still stunned. No rubber smell on yours!??!

    Thanks for the pictures!!!
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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!

    What you have there is a very old bottle of Knize Ten. The rubber stopper was made with a natural rubber that was degraded by alcohol over time. If there is no other notes than Lavender, then your stuff is probably well past the useable stage.
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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!

    I have contacted the seller and he's very willing to have it returned, so it looks like other than losing the shipping cost both ways, I'm safe.

    Thanks everyone for the responses.

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    Default Re: Knize Ten - Help!

    Perhaps of help is: Only comprehensive Knize 10 supplier in the US.

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