hello all,

I am new here and have always been very interrested in fragrances, anyways,

I am curious about where you all learned to detect the subtle notes in fragrances, I would like to know what each of the raw materials smells like or where i could best accomplish this , when somebody says this smells like tonka bean or cordamom?(im sure thats spelled wrong) or the different moss woodsy smells or even stranger things like gun flint and silica,

i would love to know how to decipher these various ingredients when i am smelling certain fragrances. I would imagine the easy thing to do would be to go out and smell the ones that have certain notes listed but have any of you come across some kind of palate that presents certain smells,

i remember college chemistry classes with various "essences and esters and such" whatever , but really what is the best way to learn how to identify the certain notes in these fragrances .....thanks