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    Default discount retailers?

    Hi everyone. I'd like your opinion on purchasing from discount retailers. Perhaps I'm naive on this, but I've always shied away from them thinking that they sell perfumes that have been sitting around for years and years or have been exposed to conditions that would alter the quality of the product. Does anyone know whether or not this is true? What allows them to discount when other retailers and the manufacturers sell at full price? Is the quality truly worse in some way or are the discounters just willing to make less profit? Another reason I've always mistrusted discounters--because perfumes NEVER go on sale in department stores. What's the reason for this? Anyone know? Thanks!!!

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    In my mind, I see a hot warehouse in the summer, a cold warehouse in the winter.
    However, one of my worst purchases was from a small brick and morter store that did little business and sold me a spoiled bottle of Omnia.
    On the whole, I can't trust the quality unless I buy from a department store that moves products and restocks regularly, or straight from a perfumer.
    Indeed, I have had a bottle of Paloma Picasso with evaporation loss from a discounter.
    I have had a completely spilled bottle of Samsara parfum from a discounter--only a half a milliliter remained, and it was sticky and concentrated.
    Really, if money is no object, buy it fresh.
    Then YOU can keep it longer.

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