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    Default Kouros Fraîcheur

    I love the original Kouros.
    Currently I have a chance to buy Kouros Fraîcheur at quite nice price, although there's no tester for it - so I cannot try it.

    Considering I already own the original - is there any use in buying Fraicheur?

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    Default Re: Kouros Fraîcheur

    I have both and the KF is IMHO lighter and "fresher". Not quite as dirty. They are very similar but where I would never wear Kouros to work I quite frequently wear KF and have gotten a couple of compliments. Actually I wore Kouros once and my co-worker started coughing and choking from it so....And no, I didn't spray 15 times. Only 3.
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    Default Re: Kouros Fraîcheur

    Gotten compliments off both versions, KF still packs a punch, very similar to the original, but contains pineapple (not sweet but gives a more 'citrus' edge or a tart tang to it) and less woody/mossy undertones.

    I'm one who like 2 sprays max off either, any more for me makes me think I draw too much attention.

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    Default Re: Kouros Fraîcheur

    My main concern is if it smells too similar to the original Kouros.
    You may find it strange, but Kouros+pinapple combo sound a bit like Chanel Chance to me.

    Your impressions/suggestions?
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