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    Default Perfume Court

    I know that Purfume Court has creed. Is this the real creed or fake?

    I'm looking at placing an order.



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    The Perfumed Court only deals with authentic fragrances - you can rest easy.
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    From my experience it is real.

    Also on their Policies page it states "While we can guarantee that your fragrance is authentic, we cannot guarantee that you will like it. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges or issue refunds."

    Plus I really don't think they could take the chance of decanting fake stuff, with their business being fairly new and their high prices.

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    The Perfumed Court is not cheap, but the service is excellent and the quality beyond any question.
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    Default Re: Perfume Court

    Speaking as a skeptic, I can tell you that Perfume Court is legit. Expensive, but legit.
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    Totally, completely, unequivocally legit and very helpful as well!
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    I spend $200-$300 a month with them and every transaction has been a pleasure. Professional service with the real deal. No fakes at The Perfume Court.

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    I made my first purchases with them too... after I have finally come to the realization that I really don't need any bottle over 30 ml anymore! (And 8 ml is just fine with me until I decide I really want something in a larger amount!)

    By the way, they have "large decant" specials too, that give you a little larger samples for a better price!
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    Everything on PC is legit. These are Basenoters at the helm and they use and love a lot, and I mean a lot of the products they sell. Before they were PC they were decanters on ebay and here and have excellent reputations. Extremely knowledgeable too.

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    I just received TABAROME from my santa and it is the real Mccoy, purchased at FRAGANCENET ,and of course i compared it to my sample from NEIMANS
    good luck and check their prices also.Happy holidays.
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