I'm trying a whole slew of this house's samples, which they very promptly and graciously sent to me for free and I thought I'd report and solicit feedback. (Yes, I know there are previous threads about this topic, but I thought I'd start a new one with the emphasis on what they remind us of and which is superior.)

So far:

Blenheim Bouquet - Does anyone else think this smells like Lorenzo Villoresi's Uomo? Blenheim predates it by a long shot, but I think Uomo has a bit more complexity and longevity. This one obviously influenced LV. I like it, but I already own Uomo.

Hammam Bouquet - I'm surprised at my reaction to this one. I thought I'd love it, but after the initial nice rose blast, it smells like a nursing home and (oddly) a bit like the plastic (or disinfectant?) they use in band-aids. I'll try this again, but so far ... uh, no way.

Endymion - Very nice, but not making me rush out to buy it. It's like Caswell-Massey's Newport with some Cinnamon. It also reminds me of Zirh's Corduroy, which I also like, but will probably not buy.

Racquets - Smells dead up like Penaud's Clubman fragrance. (OK, I haven't compared them back to back, but this one sure does remind me of it.) I like it, but I'll save my money for something snazzier. If I want this scent (and I sometimes do) I'll splash on the Clubman.

I'll report later on the others they sent me.