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    Default what creed for what situation

    hello all,

    i was wondering ,

    i dont really know anything about the creed family of frags and was curious if some of you would break down their frags for me or a few of them into categories such as......

    best for formal event
    power meeting for work
    everyday use
    romantic evening / drives women wild

    and also maybe something with seasons etc, i can imagine a frag such as virgin island would be a summer or vacation frag only? etc, and also some age suggestions,

    I am 23 and dont have a problem wearing a little bit more "mature" frags but i also dont want to smell like a stoic war veteran who has seen the world etc,

    any suggestions,

    also could some of you tell me where the best place to buy samples online would be, I found a site that sells decants in various sizes but i also kind of wanted the official carded samples or small bottles if possible just so i remember what is what,


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    Default Re: what creed for what situation

    Hey Chuck,

    There are my humble suggestions:

    best for formal event - Green Irish Tweed, Neroli Sauvage or Acier Aluminium
    power meeting for work - Bois de Portugal or Tabarome
    everyday use - Himalaya, Erofla or Original Vetiver
    romantic evening / drives women wild - Millesime Imperial or Silver Mountain Water
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