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    Unhappy Creed Angelique Encens

    This is one of those annoying threads from newbies who seem to forget that there's an entire reviews section available but i'm keen to hear what people think of Creed's private selection fragrances such as Angelique Encens and Selection Verte. I've found a couple of UK sellers but i've heard the former is a tad feminine and should be tried first considering the price. I'd be grateful for any feedback - cheers.

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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    Quote Originally Posted by rivers View Post
    This is one of those annoying threads from newbies who seem to forget that there's an entire reviews section available ...
    Naaa, Rivers, no need to worry with a thoughtful and kind request like yours.

    I had Angelique Encens for about six months, but never really found a day or way to wear it when it felt right. It smelled great in a very dense evening smoke, drinks, and dark desert restaurant way, but I felt more comfortable going to my ambers and heavy sandalwoods for that fantasy already. It never really caught on for me and thus I gave it to a female cousin on whom it is amazing. She gets loads of lavender out if its dark denseness, and that makes me want to try it again. However, when I did wear it I never found it appropriately "lively" for a scent. Hard to put it well, but it's one that I don't need in my rotation. For my wallet, I would save the money. If you can try it out and find otherwise, I'm behind you all the way.

    Selection Verte is terrific. It smells of spring in the countryside on one of the first beautiful days of the year. Very calming and even contemplative, the smell makes one long for a simpler life in a somewhat more exotic place. This would be a great signature scent, as you and those you know would come to learn it more as you wore it more. Since so much money is at stake one really should test it, but Selection Verte is an amazing identity of a smell. I smell it and say, "wow, perfect. Why did I smell so much else before anyone thought to put this scent together and get it in my hand."

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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    Welcome Rivers -

    Angelique Encens is a magnificent fragrance - certainly one of Creed's best. It is a classic Oriental and if you would be comfortable wearing Gulerain's Shalimar or Cody's Emeraude then it should work for you. I have Cypres-Musc - a beautiful mixture of coniferous and citrus scents; Bos de Santal - a lovely mixture of sandalwood and ambergris; Vintage Tabarome - Winston Churchill's favourite. All the Creeds are good. While other perfumers might have more adventurous and complex creations you really can't fault the quality of the ingredients that go into a Creed creation.

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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    Angelique Encens is one of the most beautiful scents I've tried, ever (thank you Mr hirch_duckfinder!).
    Can be pulled off by a woman anytime, I suppose, and for a guy (or me), this would be the ultimate romantic (rather than an everyday office) scent imo. Smells utterly timeless and divine, they don't make them like this one any more. I wish it was available in 75ml flacons, one day I'll splash out on that huge bottle.
    Def. one of the 'must try' ones.

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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    Creed Private Collection are all very good scents made from fine ingredients so it is a matter of taste as to whether they are for you. For what its worth here are my thoughts.Selection Verte, Vintage Tabarome, Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare, Angelique Encens are four of the best ever made. Of these the Rose and the Tabarome are the archetypes of their classes. I personally don't perceive rose as a feminine scent and am comfortable wearing it. Angelique Encens is a beautiful incense, vanilla, ambergris with a brush of herbal angelica and other complexities in its heart. I would consider this as a non floral non feminine scent composed for a woman but wearable by any man who is not restricted to wearing only spicy macho cologne/aftershave. It is not for everyday though, or for the office if you work in one.Selection Verte is the ultimate spring/summer fragrance. Fresh with uplifting mint and exceptional citrus, I really believe you cannot go wrong with this...Cuir de Russia is a very good fresh leather, stylish, a little light-hearted and not too heavy for regular wear. It doesn't quite speak to me like some of the others but I enjoy it from a sample from time to time.Bois de Santal currently my favourite sandalwood. It has a citric opening a deep rich santal heart and a tonka drydown. The santal is a little short lived but stunning and beautiful.The Jasmine is definitely a woman's fragrance. I love to smell it but personally would struggle to feel OK wearing it in public.Aubpine Acacia has its followers here but has never really grabbed me. It has a feminine quality which just doesn't feel right to me. The accord just lacks an astringency which makes these types of scents work for me.Cypres Musc is a wonderful balance. I rarely find the right occasion for it but love it when I do.
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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    I agree that it's a masterful creation - in the abstract. On my skin, however, it turns into vanilla mayhem to the extent that any angelica and incense is completely supressed and I feel like a walking scented candle. At its price, not a safe blind buy. Selection Verte is safer, at least if you do not have a deep aversion to mint.
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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life View Post
    I agree that it's a masterful creation - in the abstract. On my skin, however, it turns into vanilla mayhem to the extent that any angelica and incense is completely supressed and I feel like a walking scented candle. At its price, not a safe blind buy. Selection Verte is safer, at least if you do not have a deep aversion to mint.
    I agree with the_good_life's comments on Angelique Encens and with hirch_dirkfinders general comments on the Private Collection line but I will provide some further independent analysis on AE. In warm (& humid) weather, the angelica and encens notes evaporate fast and it turns into a rich vanilla scent as described by good_life...I am not soliflore vanilla fan and thus its not to my liking. However in winter weather, the incense and angelique notes last a good 5 hours before giving away to the vanilla base and AE acts the way its supposed to. So yea, try before you buy but if you like Guerlains Shalimar you will like this.

    I have always felt that AE was a tad overhyped, especially by "perfumistas" on these so called blogs who haven't experienced much of the Creed line and think that AE is the only Creed worth wearing just because they themselves are in love with the old world powdery sweet orientals of Caron etc. AE is a quality fragrance but its not my type and I will pick Vintage Tabarome, Selection Verte and Cuir de Russie over it anyday (all of which are amongst the finest in their class).

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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    I tried Angelique Encens on my skin for the first time Sunday at Neimans - the first few minutes were quite strange, floral (so much more angelica prominent than Angeliques sous lu Pluie by Frederic Malle IMO) and then it kind of 'tanked' on my skin and got extremely boring to my nose. Perhaps the vanilla (like zztopp is describing above) was what I was smelling?

    Selection Verte is perhaps my favorite mint scent. Amazing juice.

    FYI - since this has NOT been mentioned I thought I should point out that both AE and SV (and for that matter the entire Private Collection line of Creed) are only sold in flacon size bottle NOT the smaller atomizers. The flacons are much larger, and are splash bottles. They do NOT come with an atomizer (sold seperately). This makes it a little more expensive and difficult (atleast for me) to think about owning full bottles of these scents. So I guess I've learned that if I see a small size atomizer being sold of any of the Private Collections scents, then I will be buying a tester. Or a fake Creed.
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    Default Re: Creed Angelique Encens

    It's an extremely intriguing scent but I've never gotten a lot of satisfaction from wearing it. Same can be said for most of the Creeds. They smell so good but their watercolor nature usually fails to satisfy (or even hold interest) in a consummate manner. Vintage Tabarome is one of the few exceptions. It's always had my attention. As well, I wear a few women's fragrances but Angélique Encens always feels like it needs to be on a woman instead of me. You should definitely try a small decant of it either way. It's a very beautiful and evocative fragrance, but my interest in it was short-lived. I think I'd like it a lot more on my girlfriend, but she doesn't like to wear it so I haven't had many opportunities to find out.
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