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    Default Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV: Any thought or reviews???

    It seems all this talk about Lyric & Homage is going to sting me again. First I got stung when I bought Jubilation from Amazon after all the attention that it got here....When it came, I didnt like it....I feel the fruits in there don't gel well with the insense and it gives out this 'chaotic' chord thats not too agreeable to my nose....

    Lyric sounds different......It has got Rose....ROSE
    Anything with a good 'Rose' will intrigue me....
    I have no clue where to go to get a bit of 'Lyric' or 'Homage'....

    Is TPC the only choice?

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    Default Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV: Any thought or reviews???

    I've been testing this lately from a large sample. I love it and most likely will buy a bottle.

    One thing that really surprised me was I could still detect it after wearing it one day and showering the next morning. This is extremely rare for me, even with longevity powerhouses like JHL, Santal Noble, or Visit. By "rare" I don't mean those scents don't last on me; it's just that they don't survive my next-morning shower. -so to the longevity naysayers, everyone's mileage varies.

    I'm also not a big fan of incense frags but Jubilation has enough additional facets to overcome that aversion.
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    Default Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV: Any thought or reviews???


    There are much, much better incense and rose scents out there to try at a fraction of the price.

    "Why not seize the pleasure at once?"
    -- Jane Austen (Sun, and Mercury in Sagittarius)

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    Default Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV: Any thought or reviews???

    Since when is originality a prerequisite to enjoying a fragrance? If someone can suggest a rose fragrance as dark and smooth as Lyric Men I'd love to know what it is so I can try it.

    BTW, samples are available of all Amouage fragrances (except Homage) on beautyencounter.

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    Default Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV: Any thought or reviews???

    I was all set to jump on the $50 travel bottles, but when I finally did sniff JXXV, I didn't think it different enough from other Duchaufour scents that I already own. At the time I tried it, though, I was undergoing a massive incense binge test, which culminated in the Incense Rose and Incense Extreme from Tauer.

    If I can remember correctly, it was the L'artisan for Aedes scent (which someone has mentioned already) that reminded me most of the Amouage.

    When Lyric is put out in those travel bottles, will someone please shine the basenotes klieg light in the sky? That one I will buy in multiples.

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