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Thread: Suggestions?

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    Default Suggestions?

    People are probably fed up with threads like this, but I'll have a go anyway.

    Earlier this fall I tried Armani's Diamonds and fell in love with it within 30 minutes (I seem to be one of the few who really likes this one). I've tried several perfumes before and after, but I can't seem to find any that suits me (with the exception of Diamonds). So now I use Diamonds every day, but I'd like more options.

    I have been using Kenzo Amour, which I won, and it's ok, but Diamonds is better.

    I've tried Gucci Rush and Chanel Allure. They weren't bad, but they didn't quite suit me.
    I like Jil Sander's Sensations, but it smells mostly vanilla, and I'd like something more.
    DKNY Be Delicious Red smells ok on me, but....
    JPG Classique... Lovely scent. Just not on me.

    This is just a small selection of the scents I've tested these last five months.

    Anyone with suggestions as to which perfumes to try next?

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    Default Re: Suggestions?

    Have not smelled Armani Diamonds, but after reading the fragrance notes, you might want to sniff My Insolence by Guerlain, & Hypnôse, by Lancôme - both available in Department stores.
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    Default Re: Suggestions?


    Tried Hypnôse and Insolence today(girl at the store said "My inscolence doesn't exist yet" (never liked her, she's not very experienced and I need help). They were a bit to sweet, I think, Reminds me of candy.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: Suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lille Kra View Post

    Tried Hypnôse and Insolence today(girl at the store said "My inscolence doesn't exist yet" (never liked her, she's not very experienced and I need help). They were a bit to sweet, I think, Reminds me of candy.

    Any other suggestions?
    My Insolence DOES exist- I have a sample of it from Nordstroms.
    Just an FYI.
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    Default Re: Suggestions?

    Lille Kra Welcome to Basnotes!!!

    Don't worry about asking for suggestion. We love to help out. We love perfume and jump at the chance to get someone else to fall in love with perfume too.

    I smelled Armani Diamonds on a card at a fragrance festival not too long ago. I liked it, but it didn't move me to do a skin test.

    As far as what to try, we will tell you to just try everything you can get your hands on. I can stand at the perfume counter for hours. I love to try out perfume. I'm at the stage now where I have tried mostly everything and have to wait for a new release in order to try something out. When I run out of new things to try, I will sometimes go back and try ones I didn't like once again. It seems as though you may not be a big fan of gourmands. I'm trying to remember how Diamonds smelled....hmmmmmm

    The One.....D&G
    Belle en Rykiel...Sonia Rykiel
    Au the Rouge....Bulgari
    Prada...try them all
    Flowerbomb...Victor & Rolf
    Stella.....Stella McCartney
    Chanel No 19....Chanel
    Narciso Rodriguez for Her
    Butterflies....Hanae Mori
    Bright Crystal...Versace
    Pleasures....Estee Lauder

    Try some of these out. I wish I could remember how Diamonds smelled. I think that a couple of my suggestions may be similar to what I do remember. Have fun and let us know what you liked and didn't like. It helps us give you better suggestions next time.
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    Default Re: Suggestions?


    I tried The One some time ago, and found it to be to simple. To me it was lots of vanilla and something else...

    Bright Crystal doesn't suit me, neither does that new Versace (think it's only called Versace)

    Today, a woman at the store had me try Covet which I can only describe as weird, and something by bvlgari, I think, which was absolutely horrible. She also had me sniff Ralph (Ralph Lauren), which to me seemed "soapy".

    I'm looking for something feminine, and from what I've read online, even if I could find it here, I'd probably find it a bit too masculine.

    I don't know much about perfumes and notes (obviosly, but that's why I'm in starting out, asking for help), but I seem to have a thing for scents with vanilla (the one was a bit over the top, though). Musk, however, doesn't seem to go to well with my "preferences".

    Think I'll give Stella a try, though, and also give Red Delicious another shot. Also I'll have a look at Flowerbomb.

    Thank you for your suggestions, and keep them coming

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