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    Default Intersecting hobbies

    I've been shopping local quilt shops for spectacular fabric to give my mother for her quilt in progress. Naturally, the lemming in me has begun a cathedral windows quilt of my own. I'm on first name basis with a shop owner/guru who gives me good advice as I collect little bits of fabric and plan this extravagant time killer. I love bright colors in eye popping combos (recall the medium pink office with lemon yellow carpet) and I've gotten too much fabric for one quilt because I can't resist building a fabric stash.

    Talking one day, I commented I was a sucker for collecting things, especially pretty colors. I confessed to having about 150 bottles of perfumes, and that some were bought mostly for a pretty bottle.

    Oh! says she. "You must use them, you know, they change with time. They'll do better in a refridgerator. You can tell they change if you have a good nose."

    I denied having a good nose, per se, claiming only a greedy nose. (Thank goodness for a rare moment of reality.) "I miss Memoire Cherie! My husband made me several perfumes I really like. He was a flavors and oil chemist. We hate all the reformulations!"

    Her favorites? Joy, Tresor, vintage Memoire Cherie, and of course, her own DH made bespokes.

    My herd of lemmings mill about in constant restlessness, and one has darted after a sample of MC, to see what makes it so special to her. So far no luck, but I was wondering if any basenoters loved it, too, and could tell me what kind of fragrance it is.
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    I think I have some original Memoire Cherie...somewhere. I recall it being a deep ambery type of floral.
    It sometimes appears on ebay and usually quite reasonably. Jeffrey Dame also sells his remake of this under the same name, and most of his versions are pretty good, some are wonderful.
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