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    Default Atomizer or roll on

    I have a Bell jar of Fumerie Turque that I use a roll on bottle with. I have the little pipette and I think the roll on bottle is like 5 or 10 ml. I can use it 8 to 10 times and then have to refill. Maybe it is me, but I think with the roll on, you can apply it where u want it, as strong as you want it. Some atomizers, like my Creed bottles, you just either get dribbly juice if you lightly touch it, or you have to push it and you get a big mist and a lot is wasted.

    So: 1) Your thoughts on atomizer vs, roll on
    2) Can these be bought locally, like at Sally Beauty Supply? I need to start using one for my Chergui and also the Tauer L'Air du Desert when I buy it.


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    Default Re: Atomizer or roll on

    The bad thing with Roll-Ons is that if you're oily or sweaty in some areas, that might get into your perfume.

    But yeah, atomizers rarely have 'half' a whiff. Usually you end up with a big whiff.
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    Default Re: Atomizer or roll on

    roll on is not good from my experience;
    it leaks, difficult to apply etc...

    I use atomisers
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    Default Re: Atomizer or roll on

    i like roll ons because you can apply as much as you want instead of what is spritzed...with some frags a spritz might be too much i.e. angel

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    Default Re: Atomizer or roll on

    I prefer atomizers. In fact, I think certain fragrances smell better when they're sprayed rather than dabbed on.

    I buy mine from Accessories for Fragrance, great online resource for decanting supplies.

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    Default Re: Atomizer or roll on

    Mike, thanks for that link. But a one ounce atomizer is cheaper than the costs to ship it. Any chance they are available locally? My wife is not too keen on a scent I have, so I would want to decant some for me perhaps.

    My roll on is so small, like 5 or 10 ml if that, so the oils dont really get much on me. I apply it in the morning and so far, I like that I can dab it where I need to. I had no choice with the Bell jar, and since my sample of Fumerie came in a roll on, I continued to use that. I do have to refill it quite often.

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