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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Quote Originally Posted by Twolf View Post
    Ah! More fragrances were added, that's why! Now I have difficulties with naming just 2!
    Just to clarify for everyone else... the picture was updated right before I posted the contest and hasn't been changed since. If you're puzzling over a copy you saved to your computer before last night, it will be different. The contest version is found here, and it is the same one appearing in this thread and also linked directly from the contest thread. There are a total of 76 bottles.

    Sorry for any confusion!
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Sorry about that too: I DID save the old version!

    Wohoo! Now more fragrances to look at! :wave:

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    GOOD LUCK to the BN'r who can identify all of those beautiful red bottles! I can only get about half of them.
    They look stunning all together like that though. Both sets of pics look amazing!
    And to whoever wins this?

    "Woe to the one who's love of elixirs, grows into madness"

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Late in seeing this, but wow am I impressed! Tang, the red bottles picture is absolutely stunning! So beautiful and festive seeing them all together. Seeing Maitresse in the mix reminded me again how I regret not buying this during the Costco sale when I had the chance. I love the red accents in that bottle.

    Quarry, your picture is beautiful, too. I just love seeing perfume bottles. That's why I don't think I could ever be satisfied with just decants. I NEED the bottle, lol!

    Thanks for posting the pics!

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    I just switched to my laptop at home here, and the earlier draft still came up on page 3 of this thread. I had to do a hard refresh (pressing Ctrl + the F5 key) to bring up the new image instead of the old one that my browser was trying to hold on to.... If this old picture/new picture business is causing some frustration, I apologize. Lessons learned for next time!

    I don't think I'm giving away any secrets when I say Google's image search was my main resource for finding a lot of these.

    Plumeria -- That Maitresse bottle is one that I'm sorely tempted to buy unsniffed! I ran across another limited edition of Maitresse here, but I think I like the first one better.
    The people who have submitted answers so far appear to be pulling up the newer compilation of bottles. *Whew!*
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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Do not worry about it, Tang, it is probably just my computer crashing here every three hours!

    Before my little and handsome brother Mag kills me, I better say what I am going to say: the prettiest red bottle belongs to Mimmina Red (donna). Same for the prettiest blue bottle: Mimmina Blue (donna). Woooffff!

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    I'm with you Tang, I like the original Maitresse bottle better. As for buying it unsniffed, I would never advise anyone to do that for any scent, unless it's an unbelievable deal I sampled it a couple of times at the store and found it to have a romantic, haunting, lingering quality. It seemed high pitched and almost powdery in the initial stages then mellowed to a beautiful scent on my skin and the sleeve of my shirt.

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Tang will probably shoot me when she sees this! Still adding more Red bottles:

    New Christian Dior La Collection Particuliere Passage #4 Rose (France/Stella Tennant)
    Carolina Herera LE 2004 Chic de Chic
    Loewe Esencia Femme
    Yves Rocher Cap Nature Fruit Rouge
    Yves Rocher Venise (old bottle from the early 1990's, the modern re-issue is in a different bottle, have not tried the scent itself yet)
    Gres Folie Douce
    Swiss Army EdP (f) -- not sure if it has been mentioned yet.

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    Default Re: Red bottles (now with pictures)

    Twolf, on the contrary, this truly appeals to my desire to classify and organize things!
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    Default Re: Red bottles

    Quote Originally Posted by jillsy View Post
    I like the cute apple shaped Hypnotic Poison bottle
    I do too.

    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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