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    Default Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Wow! I got a few samples from Lucky Scents and I've been taking my merry old time going through them. Last week I got a chance to really soak in Amoureuse and Bois de Paradis and I think I'm in love with them both! It seems a bit manic to buy two pricey niche fragrances on a shoestring student budget... but I feel almost compelled to splurge on them both because I wear them and feel so... me.

    Amoureuse is definitely the prettiest floral I've ever smelled. So many flowers but very grown up. And the cardamom is so perfect- it made me go out to my local food co-op and buy a bunch of cardamom pods. Just intoxicatingly beautiful. Phew! This scent miraculously quenched my thirst for spring, which in and of itself is probably worth the price tag.

    And Bois de Paradis... It's so warm and spicy and sweet (but not too sweet) and wow when that beautiful rose comes in... such a delightful, voluptuous scent for cool weather revelry. Completely drool worthy.

    What's a girl to do? I still have Eau Illuminée and Début to explore, but first I have to let my poor sinuses drain and olfactory cells recover from this infernal cold.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Amoureuse and Bois de Paradis are my favorite DelRaes too!

    I usually don't care for a blackberry note in fragrances but BdP is very cedarwood on me- which I can't resist. It's pretty powerful too, so a little goes a long way.

    The Amoureuse is like springtime to me as well. I've never smelled boxwood trees in bloom, but there is something kind of fresh, balsamic and evergreen about it too- that- kind of mixed with a breath of warm, spring air and spring blossoms. Also very feminine. Another one that is powerful.

    I've yet to get full bottles myself as they are expensive. I've been sustaining on samples and decants. That's always an option on a student budget too- although I can understand the draw of a whole full bottle to yourself!
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Ah, a little word on DelRae! Great to hear you're liking them so much. My favorites are Eau Illuminee for its amazing take on lavender and Bois de Paradis for that warm sweetness you mentioned & the figs. Definitely a line of great quality.
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    I also have samples of both and they are beautiful. I also am tempted by the full bottles but am trying to refrain and just "get by"on my samples.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Mamut - one of the things I found that helps to whittle my full bottle lemmings is to promise myself that I won't buy a full bottle of ANYTHING until after I have gone through the entire sample.

    I try to spread my wearings out so I can test it in multiple environments and moods.

    For me, this may take awhile since I tend not to wear very much at once (I can get 4-5 wearings off of 1 vial. I can hear the experts laughing at me now.....)

    If I get through the entire sample, still love it, and have not had days where I put it on and either want to scrub it off or go "Meh" - then it gets put on my full bottle list for purchase.

    If I love it some days, not so much on others but still think about it, I may put it on my "d**a*t" list.

    Of course - any scent that's under $50.00 - all bets on the above are off
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    I succumbed and got a full bottle of Bois de Paradis and am not at all sorry. It is exquisitely beautiful, lovely in all seasons and all moods. It is a love, but lately I seem to have so many.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Amoureuse is wonderful.
    Kumquat and I think it smells like walking into a floral shop, more leafy and green than flower-petaly.
    I think it is like linden blossom, too. But that is a hard note to decipher.
    I had a vial that I thought was real, but it turned out to be questionable, probably imitation.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Amoureuse is perhaps the most captivating, intoxicating fragrance I have encountered. A paragon of blending expertise in which the notes interplay and create the most beautiful accords. One of my favorite moments in the wearing is the way in which the honey note reaches its ethereal tendrils to pull the traces tuberose and jasmine into the base with cedar and sandalwood. I have such a deep appreciation and passion for the scent that I often adopt a reverential tone when mentioning it to others. The next special woman who becomes a part of my life will definitely be receiving this masterpiece, providing that she likes it.

    Bois de Paradis is another personal favorite from the DelRae offerings and the only one I own. Again, blended exquisitely well and balanced. The blackberry is nestled perfectly between cinnamon and roses and the subtle sweet woody amber/woods base is divine sensuality.

    Parfums DelRae is an incredible line from DelRae Roth and Michel Roudnitska (Noir Epices) the son of the legendary Edmond Roudnitska.

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    I've lived with this bod and this nose long enough that I can tell within fifteen minutes if a frag's gonna make it onto my "Gotta Have" list - and Amoureuse is one of them. Got a sample of it early on in my journey here and it was lust at first whiff.

    Now you guys have made it so that I have to try these others.....Waaaaah!

    "The next special woman who becomes a part of my life will definitely be receiving this masterpiece........" :waves both hands frantically...:
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Bois de Paradis is the real deal ladies - if you like roses and cinnamon. I love both of these notes, and I feel like I've died and went to heaven when I wear Bois de Paradis (thanks sloan_8013 for the sample). PLEASE try this, if you haven't already.

    Chandler Burr reviewed BdP in the NYT and he gave it 5 stars. Great juice!
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    Default Re: Parfums DelRae appreciation thread

    Sakecat- I love your approach for making bottle decisions! I have to wait a while before I try out BdP and Amoureuse again because I still cannot smell a thing from this cold, even though my sinuses are mostly clear now. I think the virus did a number on my olfactory cells so I've got a while to wait before the mitosis song and dance finishes repopulating my airways (so sad! I wonder what noses do when they get colds!).

    Just remembering how those fragrances unfolded on me- wow. I totally didn't expect the sweetness, much less the beautiful rose, in BdP, thinking it would be primarily woodsy as suggested by the name, one of the more "masculine" scents of the line since they are all listed as unisex. When I tried it, I hadn't read the listed notes since I ordered for the samples. I am really not a very experienced sniffer (I *just* got into perfume fairly recently) but it was so unexpected and gorgeous.

    And Amoureuse- I used to wear a simple green floral everyday (Acqua Allegoria Foliflora- doesn't really compare I know) and I finally couldn't bear it anymore for myriad reasons, so I thought green florals were done for me. But the counterpoint of the spice, particularly the cardamom, which comes through very strongly on me, is just so ludicrously lovely.

    And just the richness and quality and dynamism of these scents is unlike anything I'd experienced before (granted, I have not smelled many fragrances having just gotten myself tangled in this mess). I don't feel like these fragrances make you feel like you're wearing a brand- they're way too multidimensional for that. Like I wrote before, they make me feel very much like myself, like they are an extension of my personality.

    Okay I am gushing again. Can't help it. I do not not have an addictive personality by nature and rarely do anything to excess... But these perfumes have me completely confounded.

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