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    Smile carlo colucci uomo?

    Hi everyone!

    I am totally new to the site but registered to see if anyone could help me. My mother went to Germany awhile back and she brought me back a bottle of Carlo Colucci Uomo. My girlfriend absolutely loved the stuff and so did I, but sadly I have been unable to locate it in the States. Guess my question is, does anyone know of any international frag websites, or any possible way I can find this stuff? Any help would be useful.


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    Default Re: carlo colucci uomo?

    Welcome Kerby ,,
    Where is it made ?
    Is there a date on it ?
    The database is down but i think this is a new one >> Can you upload a picture of the bottle and box ? Would generate more interest & if your game perhap a review of this cologne .
    cheers D

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    Default Re: carlo colucci uomo?

    Hi Kerby:

    Carlo Colucci is made by MAURER & WIRTZ a german fragrance/cosmetic company that also make Tabac.

    I have been trying to locate Carlo Colucci here state side and it next impossible to find.

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    Default Re: carlo colucci uomo?

    Welcome to basenotes Kerby.

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    Default Re: carlo colucci uomo?

    Thanks guys for the replies! I have emailed them and hope to get some answers, not looking too good though.

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