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    Default Which Creeds have been faked?

    I have tried to read all the threads in Basenotes regarding fake Creeds.

    Here is what I gather:

    Both Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mountain Water have definitely been counterfeited and there is ample evidence to prove this fact.

    It is not clear to me that other Creeds have been counterfeited. Some have expressed concerns about Himalaya and MI, but nothing was obvious in those cases, as far as I can tell. On eBay we certainly have seen an abundance of very underpriced GIT and SMW, many (most?) likely counterfeit, but I have not seen that with other Creeds.

    So besides GIT and SMW do we know of other Creed counterfeits? Which ones?

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    GIT & SMW seem to be the only two suspects.

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    Right now, the ones I would be suspicious of would be...

    Green Irish Tweed
    Millesime Imperial
    Silver Mountain Water

    and possibly,
    Virgin Island Water and Original Santal due to their popularity

    The ones that I would investigate before purchasing, in regard to the age and storage conditions (juice spoilage) are GIT, MI, Himalaya, and SMW. I personally would not purchase any of these if I could determine that the bottle was more than two years old. This information can be found both on the bottle itself and the box. The last two digits of the serial number are the year it was made. Most of the time, if the bottle is purchased online, even if it is legitimate and possibly even fresh, the serial number will be ground off the bottle and/or cut out of the box. This is done in order to prevent "the authorities" from tracing the origin of the bottles. The deep discount you get is technically not supposed to happen. Only authorized Creed retailers are supposed to be able to sell the stuff.

    I find that a fake is much easier to identify than a bottle that may be "past it's prime". I've dealt with both. If you own any genuine bottles of Creed, then a fake should be relatively easy to identify visually and also by smelling. I won't buy GIT, MI, Him., or SMW unless the seller can provide me with the serial number. (some online sellers will be able to provide the serial number, some won't). However, I have no problem buying 4 or 5 year old Royal Delight, Ambre Canelle, or maybe even Bois du Portugal. It is the delicate citrus and florals that get destroyed.

    Maybe this is why GIT, MI, SMW, and Himalaya have opaque bottles. I see those as having "high frequencies", kind of like a higher-pitched note or really bright color. The same could not be said, for instance about Bois du Portugal.
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    I would be suspicious of all Creeds that are also available as so-called 'fragrance oils' from several manufacturers on the internet (Save on Scent, Worldwide Perfume Oils etc) and will therefore never buy these on e-Bay.

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    Do you guys think buying through one of the Amazon stores is safe?

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    Quote Originally Posted by c_anderson View Post
    Do you guys think buying through one of the Amazon stores is safe?
    I do not know. I can say that I had a friend attempt to buy me a bottle of Bois du Portugal from an Amazon store on 14 December, intending it as a Christmas gift. It still has not shipped. So I can say at least one is not reliable! I would prefer to order from a major vendor with their own web site.

    I tend to agree with Scentronic. If the vendor is legitimate, the greatest concern is whether the Creed is fresh, not whether it is a fake.

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    Default Re: Which Creeds have been faked?

    I have bought all of my Creed fragrances (I currently have 6) from Amazon sellers and they are all fine, fresh, and authentic. They all have the serial number on them and they are in great condition. I have no complaints.

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