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    Smile New formula for Erolfa?

    Hey guys. I have a bottle of Erolfa that is about 2 years old and nearly gone. I recently purchased two new bottles. However, the new bottles smell somewhat different from the original. Many of the notes are still there but the top notes of the old bottle have that oily note, and the new ones don't. The new 4 oz bottle also has a different top. It is metallic blue with the gold crest. The shape of the top is the same shape as the Virgin Island Water top. Has anyone else noticed these differences? I would love to hear from you all.

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    I notice no difference in the formula and have never heard of a Creed being "updated" but I am not the authority on this. I suspect that if one were updated, Creed would not disclose that.
    What you may be smelling is a batch difference and/or the difference of an aged bottle versus and newer one.
    Top notes will likely change first. Creed's supposedly contain a lot of natural ingredients and will vary from batch to batch. I would have thought Erolfa to be a bit more immune to this but it may not be.
    Lastly, I always tip or lightly shake bottles that sit for a while. I noticed that if I let them sit too long, they tend to separate and smell a bit differently. That may explain the oiliness you mention as well as the above.


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