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    Default NEW! Insolence EDP

    Was nosing around the Guerlain stand at one of my local department stores and they had a picture of an ad for the new Insolence EDP, it has Hillary Swank sitting down in a black dress, the bottle is the same but is purple, I didn't know they were set to release a new version. According to the advert it will be available in the UK August 18th!
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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    Waiting very patiently for reviews on this. They had bottles for sale at the Bay yesterday, but no testers. Luca Turin is calling this a masterpiece.

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    Good. The original was frightening in two ways. Its rubber and raspberries were a bold and ultimately ugly pairing, IMO, and yet I appreciate the effort to use fruit in a novel way. But it also made me question my own selfishness, since I've been wearing Guerlain scents for 30 years, most precociously when I began at 10. Why are they not allowed to pursue the almighty dollar, the same as anyone else? Why must I be so judgmental; their scents are not custom-made for my quirky palate or my desires. Could I not leave them the room to explore, develop, and chase down the last red cent in the fruity/floral market? Or could I have forgiven them if they had issued something in the manner of the classics that was not exclusive to a couple of stores nationwide?

    Maybe. I'll hunt this one down somewhere. They don't sell Guerlain where I live. It's got to be better than the Paris Hilton that is.

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    While Turin calls it a masterpiece, I see some back-handed compliments in the five-star review--the "most deliciously vulgar perfume on the market today," "a cloud of pink neon trashiness," etc.

    The review is on p. 11 of the update to the Turin & Sanchez book:

    Well, whatever Insolence EdP ends up smelling like, it certainly seems like it won't be boring!
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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    oooh, can't wait. I'm one of the few here that like Insolence.
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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    I'm anxious to try it also since I have come over to the dark side and decided I actually do like Insolence

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    I only have the parfum and was going to get the EDT to layer, but I think I'll wait to smell the EDP first. The EDT really isn't all that horrible. For me, it will probably be between the EDT or the lotion/cream.

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    I am hitting the Guerlain boutique at Bergdorfs on Friday to test it out! I am not afraid of vulgarity!

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    Quote Originally Posted by Therese View Post
    I am hitting the Guerlain boutique at Bergdorfs on Friday to test it out! I am not afraid of vulgarity!
    Therese will you scope out if they have Attrape-Coeur there? I was told when I emailed Paris that they carrie dthe exclusives there and I am interested in ordering a bottle if it's available. Thanks!

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    I think I will love this. I DO love Insolence, minus the hairspray topnote. Yeesh.
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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    As an adorer of Insolence (including the "hairspray" topnote which my bod quickly vanquishes) I too am eager to come to the well.

    Black-kitty - many thanks for the Guide newsletter link - which I have book marked. And am mollified to see one of my all-time faves accorded FOUR BIG STARS....and that would be....Giorgio!!!
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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    Well, I had the opportunity to try this last night. They didn't have any samples, of course, so I had to use the store tester, but from that this is my impression of Insolence EDP.

    It's still Insolence. It's like an Insolence that you knew in it's early 20's who you haven't seen for 15 years. You meet again and recognize the person instantly, but then you can see how the person has really come into their own, really matured. But, this is Insolence matured, so if you couldn't stand her before chances are you're not going to love hanging around with her now either.

    When my last little bit of EDT runs out I'll replace it with the EDP with no hesitation. It does last an awful long time, but I never had longevity problems with the EDT either.

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    That's what I was hoping to hear! Thanks for the update.

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    Default Re: NEW! Insolence EDP

    I love the original Insolence.... can't wait to try this one!
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