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    Default PAUL SMITH STORY scent strenght ?

    Subtle, moderate or intense?

    Do you think it could be a good cheap blind buy?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: PAUL SMITH STORY scent strenght ?


    I'd say it was moderate strength, not as strong as something like angel but not weak like others. Its a nice scent IMHO a bit different. More a warm weather smell I think. Its got a smell that reminds me of stinging nettles for some reason LOL Yep stinging nettles and newspaper.

    Its one I had when it first came out, I used a 100ml bottle pretty quickly, went without for a while then brought some more so I must like it. I'd be interested to see what others think because it doesn't get that many mentions but I think its a good one. I rate Paul Smith London also and that one doesn't get many mentions.



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    Default Re: PAUL SMITH STORY scent strenght ?


    very nice scent
    i would go ahead and get it

    citrus blast in the opening
    then settles into the
    "woody" vetiverness

    "cool fresh" would be the best phrase to describe it
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