All of the compliment threads floating up the forum today brought something to mind: we always seem to be fishing for compliments but we never seem to talk about giving compliments. So to start the new year with a fresh perspective:

1. When do you usually find yourself complimenting someone's fragrance?

2. What kind of fragrances get your compliments?

3. What do you dislike on other people?

4. Do you give same-sex compliments?

Thinking about it, I only compliment women who I find physically attractive. A nice fragrance on a pretty girl adds to her appeal, but it would never makes someone I am not otherwise attracted to suddenly desireable. (Kind of puts the whole idea of "babe magnet" fragrances to rest.)

And to be truthful, I only find myself complimenting women on modern spicy fruit compote frags and fresh frags: VS Very Sexy (mostly), A+F Women.

Gourmands and orientals generally make me recoil in horror. Sugar bombs and vanilla overloads make me walk in another direction. Nothing worse than a guy wearing A*Men - and on the subject of guys, I've never given a guy a compliment on a frag.