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Thread: Coco revisited

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    Question Coco revisited

    I recently fell in love with Coco. I remember it from the 80's smelling more like CocoM. Which I love and have owned since it came out. First sniff of CocoM when it came out,I thought was how it smelled like the "80's Coco. I never "wore" Coco in the 80's, just loved it on others. I have read that it has been reformulated. I fell in love with Coco this past November. It smells so nice on my skin. I haven't worn it in the warmer weather so I don't know how it will "wear" on me then. I do know that as of now it seems to be a scent that I could wear year round. Those of you that wear Coco, do you wear it year round or only in the colder weather?

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    I used to wear it year round- for years in the mid 80's. A few years back, I purchased the small spray perfume atomizer and it was pretty clear that it had been reformulated. After that experience, I tried to find the "made in France" bottles - EDT and EDP. THose do come a little closer to the original Coco, but still miss the mark in the drydown - the scintillation is gone and it dries down with a thud. CocoM smells more "aftershavey" and stark than the original Coco, which was total bombshell feminine oriental but with some subtly sparkling top and middle notes beautifully blended with that silky, smooth base. It smelled great on me, if I do say so myself! The new formulation is not even close (on me), so, no I do not wear it anymore. The new formulation may work better for some people, though, and maybe you're one of the fortunate ones! If so, I'd wear it year round, night and day....

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    Seattlelight, that's a shame that Coco doesn't work for you anymore. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm pleased that it works for me, and I hope they don't change it again. I just checked to see where mine was made. My EDT is made in USA but my EDP and P is made in France.

    I've read where some people get the "chocolate" note from it. I too, detect that note.

    Do you happen to know about when it was reformulated?

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    No, I don't know for sure. When I had purchased in the mid to late 90's, the damage was done and I began wearing Coco when it was released sometime around 1986 - 1987.

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