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    Default Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    Well, after winning a sample of Angel which I gave to my mother, I wanted to share in the generosity and offer a sample of anything in my wardrobe to the winner of the contest. I just had to think of an interesting contest.

    Well, here it is - I hope you'll think it's as interesting as I do and join in and write your little hearts out.

    Please describe to me your holy grail fragrance. Since most of you have not yet found the true holy grail, I'd like to hear what would make a fragrance a holy grail for you. It could be a breakdown of the notes and the imagined interplay between them. It could be the way its transitions from top to mid to base reflect transitions in your own life be they spiritual or more mundane. I just really want to hear you all wax poetic about the elusive holy grail, and WHY it would be your holy grail, and what it represents to you.

    The contest will end this Sunday at 5 pm my time (Central Standard Time, GMT-6 )

    Don't be afraid to write too much. I really look forward to your insights. Thanks!

    The winner can choose one of the following for their sample:

    Ungaro II
    Ungaro III
    Body Kouros
    Grey Flannel
    Prada Amber Pour Homme
    Prada Amber Pour Homme aftershave lotion
    Carlos Santana
    Salvador Dali pour homme
    Passion for Men
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    Default Re: Sample contest!!!!

    I want something unusual. While I enjoy fine blends - thank you, Givenchy Gentleman - I often hanker for something that's a study of contrast rather than harmony. I found L'Anarchiste did this quite well, but with such a minimalist palette it never quite satisfies the part of me that wants something thick and rich to "sink my teeth into", metaphorically speaking. L'Anarchiste is a vase of orange blossom and cedar branches sitting in the sunlight; delightful in itself, but I'm always looking for a sister scene of crushed flowers in an incense-filled temple. The notes needn't be specific - though anything easily classified as "fresh" is rarely my thing - but a sense of complexity, a certain "darkness" if you will, and an unusual contrast of elements is always good.
    Of course, that's just my dream signature scent at the moment. I tend to be rather chimeric in matters of taste.

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    Default Re: Sample contest!!!!

    I should mention that the reason I asked that question in particular is because I'm going to be making my own fragrances soon, and am quite curious to see how others view the elusive 'holy grail' and how that compares to my take on it. I'm not looking to steal ideas, but do admit I might borrow a bit of your enthusiasm and ardor to help propel me forward in this new venture. I've got my first scent all planned out conceptually - I'll reveal more about it as it shapes up.

    Sorry I don't have more to offer up for sampling, but unfortunately the list above is everything I currently own.

    in advance for the replies and the resultant inspiration. Oh and, even if you aren't interested in any of the scents I have to offer, I'd still really appreciate you taking the time to elucidate your thoughts about your holy grail!
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    Let's see:

    it would have longevity and character like L'Homme Sage

    it would be sweet and deep without being sugary, like Equipage and/or Dior Homme

    it would have a roundedness to the sweetness, like KC Reaction or Agatha Brown Conquest

    the drydown would be manly but not overwhelming, like Santos de Cartier Concentree or Halston Z14

    the topnotes would hypnotise and echoes of them would carry into the heart notes

    so yeah, I haven't found a Holy Grail and don't expect to, but I have pieces of it

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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    No one else wants to wax poetic about the elusive 'holy grail?'

    I know for me it's progression would have to mirror my own spiritual progression - not only reflect the nuances of my character and my past but hint at future transformations and transcendence that I hope to achieve.

    Wow, that sounds so trite when written quickly. I guess I'll have to hire someone to write my ad-copy when I start releasing scents, but I'll make sure it's not those responsible for the Skarb writeup :bounce:

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    Wink Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    It is probably the BDG by Creed,
    might be all I ever need...

    OK, what do I win? I'll take the Ungaro III.
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    Ambre Sultan...

    While it might not be best to wear all the time, any time of the year, it has something that most fragrances don't have...
    Simply, it opens your eyes when you put it on... clearly and brightly... you are ready for the day... it energizes you and gives you the feeling that you can do anything! Are people watching you? Smelling you?? Doesn't matter, because it's your Holy Grail! It gives you the energy to do what you want... the grace to feel good about it, and the peace to accept what might come of your decisions of the day.

    And when it dries down, it reminds you of peace... of the woods... but not the deep dark woods, but those that exist near your home... the ones you played in when you were a child... the ones in which you climbed the trees and smelled the tree's bark... and just knew that you were meant to climb that tree... Does Ambre Sultan smell like those trees? No! But it simply shows you the possibility... the hopes... the dreams...

    Ambre Sultan is a fragrance that carries you far and wide... beyond your normal thoughts, to mystical places... but ultimately, and surprisingly leads you back to your own back yard...
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    The Holy Grail is you in a bottle as your nose recognizes it. Each one of your senses is clouded and impaired by the physical world, with your mind and soul remaining the only pure things in life. Our wants and desires for the perfect fragrance are never constant, since we are everchanging. However, it is possible to envision ourselves right now. Therefore, step outside of your boundaries for a minute, and imagine...

    Imagine soft splashes of luscious, jubilant mango, vicariously flirting with lively and buoyant grapefruit; whose core bursts with citrus sweetness, and a tangy pomegranate; proudly boasting it's arils, which brim with the deep red beauty of nature, and capture the depth and complexity of life. A divine presence is felt as the tropical trio ascend into an orgasmic Nirvana; where they are met by brother pineapples, sister cranberries; cousin blackberries and nephew apples. Caressing the senses with warm sweetness and invigorating the mind with sharp tangyness, their bliss is met by the blossoming of velvety red rose petals; whose hips harness thorns as beautiful as they are sharp; grown from and matched by the rich, earthy breath of patchouli; which nourishes a charismatic, infant vetiver. Maturity is reached; and, eventually, gentle sandalwood begins to creep up as roses age and mangoes wither. As time goes on, the life that was once so vibrant begins to sigh. The sharp fingers of Rose burst the pregnant arils, whose nectar cascades over the grapefruit; enveloping the rose hips, and down to bleed from the thorns; where they drizzle on patchouli, sandalwood, and soft amber. In it's death, each drip illuminates a vision of life; grinding the grief of sorrow in the heart that never witnessed beauty, while their faint whispers carry revelations and prophecies, purifying the soul, and evaporating through the majestic body. Each molecule is as awe-inspiring and heart-breaking as the previous; a spectacle of infinite beauty that personifies and embodies a single thought; ultimately leading to an enlightenment of base, heart, and top notes. As the meaning of life and the recognition of choice are dawned upon, the very last aril-tear is shed, echoing with melancholy and somberness, and life is soothingly replaced by death.

    The phenomenal result is something as vibrant and treasured as the sun on a warm, breezy summer day; yet as serene and tranquil as the moon on a frosty winter night; it is, by all means, me in a bottle. A creation captivating the yin and yang of both life and death, to reveal an impossible Heaven, where time is absent; where life and death are void, and the only existence is perfection.
    Bump. Let's hear some others!
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    Just over 9 hours left. Please, I'd really love to hear more thoughts on the matter!
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    see the post above yours ...

    JANUARY 2013 ..

    *** SPECIAL - LUI ROCHAS , 3.3oz Sealed ***

    FLACON .. Updating Soon

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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    haha, yes, it was a great post. But still, every man's holy grail is different. One man's trash is another's treasure and all that.. and as mentioned, I'm trying to distill the love and passion from all who post so that it may better manifest itself in my own creations.
    Well, thanks for all the entries everyone. I've chosen Leifer not only for his poetic grace and obvious passion, but because I know he's also relatively new to the scene and young and hasn't had the opportunity to smell as many scents as a lot of us here.

    Thanks for participating.
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)

    Congratulations Leifer!!
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    Default Re: Tell me about your holy grail (and win a sample :D)


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