In my newbie-ish ignorance, I may be posting this is the wrong forum, but for now I am pleading perfume fumes as an excuse...

I was in the process of transferring splash vials to spray vials when I ended up with a lapful of perfume and no more sample (don't laugh! I CAN'T be the only one this has happened to!). While my jammies now smell very nice, I would like another sample to actually test! I do have some samples (as I am just starting out, I thought samples would be better than blind buys) that I do not like.....soooo.....

Is anyone willing to trade/swap? I need a new sample of Versace Bright Crystal (and would like to try Jicky after hearing so much!) and I have the following for you to choose from in exchange-

L by Lolita Lempicka (must be a 2+ ml sample spray)
Aqua Allegoria Pampelune (2 ml spray)
Versace Crystal Noir (sample vial)
Missoni Acqua (2ml spray)

Let me know!


PS- If I made a big boo boo posting this, let me know also please!