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    Default I am down to the wire on a classis, NEED HELP!

    Ok, I have asked this question somewhere before and I was recommended to get aramis, which I am finally prepared to do. My last question to make sure I am making the right choice is should I get equipage or obsession instead? Help me basenoters, I need a uber classic!

    p.s. the only thing I remember about testing equipage at the counter is that it seemed to have a wonderful carnaiton note, if my nose was working. I once oned obsession and have been obsessing about owning it again.

    1. Aramis

    2. Equipage

    3. Obsession

    What say you?
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    Default Re: I am down to the wire on a classis, NEED HELP!

    Aramis is a bit more of a time piece fragrance. Suggests the era of its popularity. Equipage has a great carnation note, yes, and I think it is more timeless. Both are worthy of your collection, and Aramis's time period quality isn't a drawback--it's a great smell on its own. Aramis will project more, last longer, and probably be significantly cheaper. I'd wear, and do wear, Equipage more often though. Can't help you more than that. Course you should smell them and decide that way which you'll be happiest smelling of.
    Aramis goes with your avatar better.
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    Default Re: I am down to the wire on a classis, NEED HELP!

    I was hoping the Dust Meister would chime. As always, you steer us in the right direction. I do think I would wear equipage more and for some reason, I feel it would be more wearable. Now, I am off to oder some! I cannot wait to catch floral note in it!

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    Default Re: I am down to the wire on a classis, NEED HELP!

    Obsession is just too common and it's instantly reconizable. Smells good, but not very distinctive.

    Aramis to me smells dated. I tried it again about 7 years thanks. Too strong and overbearing.

    I first smelled Equipage at Neiman Marcus about 2 weeks ago. I liked it immediately. I did not buy it, but I would definitely get it out of the three you mention.
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    Default Re: I am down to the wire on a classis, NEED HELP!

    My vote is for Équipage.
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