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    Default Nasomatto - New Parfum Line (Featured On Luckyscent)

    New Perfume Line...anyone know the ones to try, I might add a few to my LS sample order.


    Hindu Grass

    Silver Musk


    Narcotic Venus

    all come in 30ml parfum extraits....I think $148 for a bottle....anyone got any blog reviews yet?

    Really like the sound of Duro the most...

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    Default Re: Nasomatto - New Parfum Line (Featured On Luckyscent)

    Absinth, Hindu Grass and Duro are definitely worth a try IMO.

    Absinthe is a sunny, green and somewhat fruity fragrance with earthy undertones, very radiant and potent (like all Nasomatto parfums - they're extraits) and quite unique.

    Duro is a strong conoction of woody notes - raw, dark and spicy. Very wearable and maybe the most classic scent in the line.

    Hindu Grass is described as a green and herbal fragrance, but I get mostly patchouli. Which doesn't mean at all it's boring: it's an excellent take on that note - earthy, warm, and deep.

    Narcotic Venus is a strong and creamy tuberose / jasmine combo, and Silver Musk literally smells of nothing (maybe it has notes my nose isn't able to detect... )

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    Default Re: Nasomatto - New Parfum Line (Featured On Luckyscent)

    I'm always in the market for a nice Absinth frag.

    So far I have tried over a dozen of them, but never found one I really liked enough to buy a full bottle.

    They are either to heavy on anise, which make it more like Pernod instead of Absinth, or are just way to sweet, or they have woods in them, which make no sense to me what so ever.

    But I will add this one to my sample list. Thanks for the tip!

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    Default Re: Nasomatto - New Parfum Line (Featured On Luckyscent)

    Absinth is very unique. Bought it at Barneys in Dallas in October. Nutty, earthy vetiver that is long lasting.

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