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    Default Help on future fragrances please!

    I've own and LOVED quite a few fragrances - unfortunately some are just too pricey for me (Himalaya) but out of the ones I've owned these are my favorites:

    Gucci Envy: I just adore the dry down on this scent. Masculine and just exhibits sex appeal.
    Bulgari Aqua: Great scent. Just fresh and marine-esque.. But in a sophisticated way - to me at least. My one other buddy who owns quite a bit of frags noticed this on me and loved it as well.
    Z for Zegna: I feel like I am in Sicily or something. Just well rounded.

    Scents I own and wear, but NOT in 'love' category:
    Rochas Man - Great compliments, but didn't feel comfortable.
    Incanto PH: An office frag - which is not me currently
    Good Life: Endless compliments from girls, i LOVE it, just bothers me after a while. If I could wear it and not smell it, I'd like it alot better.
    Memoire D'Homme: Seems more mature than I am. If that makes sense.

    Now, out of those, I am not sure it really represents what I am all about. These are my future purchases thus far that I have smelled and LOVE:

    Diesel Fuel for Life: The sweetness is something I am lacking a bit and it is something I would definitely utilize.
    Polo Double Black: I had owned Polo Black and got rid of it, due to lack of sticking around power. Tried DB and enjoyed it much better.
    Chanel Allure Sport: I remember it on a buddy, noted it and have wanted to try it again.
    D&G ph and light blue: PH I love, it's just awesome and will be in my wardrobe soon.
    Gaultier2: Seems like a good everyday scent for me, feminine, yet not really.. just good.

    If you could help me define what other recommendations I may like. I am going to Sephora tomorrow and would like to test a few scents that fit in the categories above. Out of the ones I like/dislike.. what do you think are some other scents I should give a shot tomorrow? I Have also tried and not liked: Blue Jeans, A*Men, Visit, and Dior Homme.
    No comments ehh?

    Maybe I should make cliffnotes
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