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    Default Re: Jean Louis Vermeil: A Review

    From my sample of this, I was completely overwhelmed by this fragrance, not in a good way.

    Perhaps if the top notes had been a little less sharp, I might've stuck along for the wild ride. But I distinctly remember the burning sensation I experienced from JLV. A virtual kaleidescope of notes, all crammed into one bottle. Wild...but, ultimately not for me.
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    Default Re: Jean Louis Vermeil: A Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsly View Post
    Have you tried Ungaro II, knightowl, and if so, how would you compare the two? Anyone else who has tried both can chime in here too.
    Bigsly, they both have an animalic character but that's where the similarity ends. Ungaro ll to me smells like an overripe orange.
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    Default Re: Jean Louis Vermeil: A Review

    I liked it at first, but then the animalic notes became a bit nauseating over time, and it's so strong for the first hour or so that I have trouble smelling anything once that opening subsides.

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    Default Re: Jean Louis Vermeil: A Review

    Wow !! Vermeil is absolutely fantastic , and it only took me a few minutes to be intrigued .
    Guys .. stop spending $100's searching for that special niche frag , there are a myriad of superb quality frags for under $20 and this is one of them & amongst the best .... now I must find some Vermeil White .

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    Default Re: Jean Louis Vermeil: A Review

    Dimitrios is right! I've been slowly going through the "cheapos," trying to find the needles in the haystacks. Vermeil isn't for me (at least not now), but it is incredible for the price.

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