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    Default Is this REAL or FAKE??

    Hello, I'm looking for Burberry London Classic and I found this on eBay

    Could you guys tell me if this is real or fake?

    And what is a good site to buy cologne? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Is this REAL or FAKE??

    what would give you the idea that it was fake?

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    Default Re: Is this REAL or FAKE??

    I saw tons of those while shopping over the holidays and it looks real enough to me.

    I do know there was an older Burberry that was discontinued and replaced with a Burberry that what is confusing you?

    It definitely looks like the Burberry that is currently available.

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    Default Re: Is this REAL or FAKE??

    I just heard about fake stuff on eBay and just want to make sure that I'm not buying the fake ones since their price are a lot cheaper than retail.

    I heard about fake Chanels so I wasn't sure if fake Burberrys are everywhere too.

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    Default Re: Is this REAL or FAKE??

    I think youll be fine, only worry about higher end stuff, issey, chanels, creeds etc

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