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Thread: Went shopping

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    Default Went shopping

    Went to Sephora and Macy's and some other little perfume store. I tried a lot of perfumes but found nothing I was brave enough to buy :-( Trying to remember all the names and forgive the spelling:

    Narcisso Rodgriguez for her,
    Tocca Stella
    Tocca (something don't remember what it was)
    Lolita Lempika
    Valentino V
    Eau de Cartier au Vert (liked the way it smelled...I think)
    Cartier Delices
    Stella Mccartney
    Fracas (which btw I loved but it smelled exactly like Sand and Sable to me!!!)
    Truly Pink (I smelled too much watery melon..)
    Hermes Mediterannean (I liked)
    Hermes Sur le Nil (I also liked..coudln't figure out which I liked more!)
    Burberry (liked)
    Cant' remember the name but it had a fresh green and mint smell and I really liked it too..seemed similar tot he Cartier au vert one. One smelled or reminded me more of Jean nate though????!!! Cant' remember. Wanna say it was by L'occitane or Aqua allegoria?? sorry..just can't remember. Fresca?
    Okay well i can't remember them all! I think I was in Olfactory overload...and I am not sure what to do now or how to pick..I guess this is going to take a long time. I am going to the outlets tomarrow though..maybe I will see something else?
    OH yes also Le Baison de Dragon (whatever it was sorry)
    and Sparkling waters at bath and body works (liked it! I also like Green Tea and Ginger there)

    A lot of the fragrances I tried to find but no one had them. So where do I find them so I can smell them? I already went to luckyscents and orderd the ones I could find there plus some that weren't listed.......I am not sure where to go from here. I am going to the outlets tomarrow to see if they have anything. I asked each place about #19 from Chanel (no one had it) and one lady told me I would have to go to a store that carried the whole line..which I have no idea where that would be. I doubt anywhere around here!!!! Ughghghghhhhhh.
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    Default Re: Went shopping

    oKAY out of all of them the champs elysees REALLY stood out. And the scent lasted and lasted. It was so fresh and I really can't stop thinking about it. Even after a week. The other one I can't stop thinking of is Fracas. I really lliked that one too..reminded me of Michael Kors which I had always liked. Also I wanted to say, I was sent a sample of Chanel #19 and I also REALLY do like that one!!! So thank you for all your suggestions. The only thing that bugs me about chanel 19 is the staying power...w/in 4 hours its GONE..... :-( I feel like crying over it! LOL...also I definitely see myself wearing as a work fragrance..not for fun or play. I tried the HM too but only on the smelled like vanilla and honey with cream. I liked it but I didn't know how it would react w/my body. So so far the smells I like are:

    YSL Paris
    Envy Me
    Chanel #19
    Champs elysees
    Michael Kors
    Un jardin sur le nil

    I think I might have a problem w/frags lasting on me ...except for paris and champs elysees. I've heard the Fracas and Stella last and last??? if anyone has any suggestions based off those ones I listed as point me in more directions, I would appreciate it. I will make a trip to Saks and nordstroms ASAP. Thanks

    Oh yeah one more Tj Max they had Hermes au Rouge and Cabocherd/cabochet?? des Gres..
    anyone smell those?
    Always remember you are unique; just like everyone else.

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