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    Default Spice By Apivita: A Mini-review

    JwS just (generously, as always) sent me a little lagniappe with a purchase -- in this case, a bottle of Apivita's Spice.
    He's been singing its praises ("sexy", "woody" and "skanky") for six months or so now, and I can certainly see why.

    It's very, very reminiscent of Bois d'Ombrie (a frag JwS and I both love), but it's FAR more affordable.
    It's very woody (cedary, to be more precise) with lots of dry spices in the top and heart notes.
    I also seem to detect sandalwood in the base, as well as (perhaps) just a hint of vetiver.

    I've priced this frag on the Apivita website, and can certainly say that it's beyond reasonable.
    Also, the small, slender bottle is the PERFECT size for travel bags, briefcases and suit pockets.
    Once this bottle's a goner, I'm definitely going to have to snag another.
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    Default Re: Spice By Apivita: A Mini-review

    I get a fair amount of caraway in this one too Matt. Kind of like Greyland meets Tumulte? It has a definite skank in it and lots of wood. Whats not to like for 12$ for 10 ml? I think it is alot of fun and sexy as hell. WOO HOO!

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    Default Re: Spice By Apivita: A Mini-review

    I just bought some toothpaste on sale at this health food store in Miami Beach from Apivita (the color of the tube matched my guest bathroom...seriously) and when I read the brand name I had a feeling like I'd heard the name Apivita before. Now I remember J_w_S's posts about the scents.

    Well, I dont' really like Bois d'Ombrie but..color me interested.
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