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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    OK, I've finished trying all my CB samples. And yes, among all of them, these two really stand out:

    Wild Hunt - my absolute favourite, delivers exactly what it promises: dry earth of deep forest floor, dirt, mushrooms. Awesome!!!
    Black March is the second favourite.

    A few other CB fragrances have a dirt note, but there it is subtle and overshadowed by other notes, so no competition to the first two frags.

    All the Vetiver samples (MPG, FM and others) should be coming in next week, so we'll see how dirty they really are and what they're good for.

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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    +1 on Buzzlepuff's recommendation of Lorenzo Villoresi's Vetiver. I gave away my little bottles of Demeter's Dirt and Earthworm, but I love the earthiness of LV's Vetiver. It's not a fresh vetiver a la Creed OV; it's in the same ballpark as the oft-recommended MPG Route de Vetiver, but I prefer the LV, having sampled both. I think I'm also one of the few here who doesn't care for the Guerlain Vetiver.

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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    Annick Goutal's Vetiver is an earthy masculine scent. MPG's Route du Vetiver most definitely as well as mentioned above.

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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    another really earthy scent is terre de bois by miller harris. i remember trying it a few years ago and i think it was pretty decent. lots of vetiver, but not a "vetiver" scent, which i think is a rarity.

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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    How about Nasamatto's Absinth? Just like fresh dirt dug up after a rainstorm. It's got that damp sweet earthy pungency you get when planting flowers in spring.

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    Default Re: What "real" fragrance resembles fresh dirt?

    Some intermediate results of my testing the vetiver samples.

    First I tried the CB I Hate Perfume vetiver accords, only to discover that all these three vetivers smell distinctly different from each other.
    Haitian Vetiver Accord: deep earth/soil dug up after rain, musty, smoky
    Indonesian Vetiver Accord: tangy medicinal (sort of spicy dry root/herbs), smoky
    Javanese Vetiver Accord: dry dusty earth, smoky, a bit medicinal (dry root)

    Perhaps these three accords could provide a common reference frame for comparisons.
    Among the three, I definitely like only the CB Haitian Vetiver. It is not exactly the same as CB signature dirt note, but it is an interesting variation of dirt.

    So, what can I say. We have a very strong contender here:

    Miller Harris - Vetiver Bourbon

    Opens with the rich deep soil/dirt, smoky and just a bit musty. (Thus similar to CB Haitian Vetiver.)
    Soon it blends with dark green woody mossy notes (dominated by oakmoss, I suppose). In other words, it is "earth + forest". Very nice indeed! Develops smoothly and gradually, lasts very long, and stays close to the skin.
    I like the oakmoss note here better than in Creed's BdP. Here it is more dark and velvety.

    Other frags I tried and liked:

    Frederic Malle - French Lover (Bois d'Orage)
    "vegetal/forest" - thick dark green plants. Quite nice, but not much dirt/earth, if any.

    Hermès - Un jardin mediterranee
    Very nicely done summer garden. Blooming trees with some fruits, a hint of wet earth. Woods + green leaves + a little floral (but not too feminine. I think I could pull it off).

    Jo Malone - Black Vetyver Cafe
    Nice dark coffee + woods + smoke. No earth. No vetiver either.

    Frags I tried and disliked:

    Frederic Malle- Vetiver Extraordinaire
    No dirt, no earth. I mostly get spicy root (very tangy medicinal), and altogether it smells "refreshing". Disgusting stuff.

    Creed - Bois de Portugal
    First a blast of spicy lavender, then the "forest" main note, a little too crisp. It is good, but I prefer the darker and more velvety Vetiver Bourbon.

    Annick Goutal - Vetiver
    No earth/dirt. It has exotic flowers + a lot of harsh marine/oceanic (rotten seaweed). Nasty...

    il Profumo - Vetiver de Java
    No earth. Opens with lavender, then becomes more woodsy. Boring.

    Also ordered MPG RdV, LV Vetiver and Terre de Bois and a few others from Ausliebezumduft, but the package never arrived. 40 Euros worth of samples lost somewhere on the way from Germany to Denmark.
    Will have to obtain these samples from some place else.


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