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    Hello, just browsing a few websites and came by some Tommy Summer 2007 version I think, I decided to snap it up as it is limited edition, it has some interesting notes such as of sea air, mandarin, bergamot, seaweed, lavender, and the smell of the woods on Cape Cod, has anyone sampled this?

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    I've tried it, and as much as I'd like to trash-talk it, I will refrain, as I do remember this being nice, clear, and refreshing.

    Really, though, unless this one is really doing the trick for you, I'd imagine you'd be better off doing a little more digging for the "right" scent. I'm thinking you'll get tired of this one pretty quick, and not to mention its out of season. There's better stuff out there, and you've come to the right place to help find it!
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    Thanks Scentronic! I will save it for Summer! maybe just use it as a casual scent!

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